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Introduction to Waveplates

The interaction of light with the atoms or molecules of a material is wavelength dependent. A consequence of this dependence is the resonant interactions related to material dispersion. …

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Variable Laser Attenuators

Variable laser attenuators consist of essentially two optical components, a half waveplate, and a polarizer with a good extinction ratio, and allow for continuous power control for …

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Motorized Rotation Stage Guide

Motorized rotation stages are a set of precision positioning products designed and built over many decades of experience in providing solutions to research and academia to industry …

Application Notes

Variable Attenuator for Lasers

This application note details a simple and cost effective solution for the continuous attenuation of laser output power. The attenuator kit described is based on a half waveplate and …

Technical Notes

Polarization Control with Optics

Precise control of polarization behavior is necessary to obtain optimal performance from optical components and systems. Characteristics such as reflectivity, insertion loss, and beamsplitter …

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Polarization Optic Guide

Selecting the proper polarization optic for your application requires making a number of choices. A few of the many considerations include: polarization function, extinction ratio, …


Precision Optics Capabilities

Newport offers advanced optics component technologies to OEM customers in markets ranging from semiconductor equipment and biomedical instruments to industrial, aerospace and defense …

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Ultrafast Optics Guide

Selecting the proper optic for an ultrafast application is key to the success of your experiment. The dielectric coating and larger material thicknesses will induce dispersion and interference …

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Fiber Optic Physics

This technical note discusses the fundamental physics of optical fibers, their practical implementation, and the various types of optical fibers.

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Terahertz Optics Guide

Selecting the proper optic for a terahertz (THz) application is very important to the success of your project. Typically, terahertz wavelengths are defined as being in the 30 µm to …


Polarization in Fiber Optics

A beam of light can be thought of as being composed of two orthogonal electrical vector field components that vary in amplitude and frequency. Polarized light occurs when these two …

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Ultraviolet Optics Guide

Selecting the proper optic for an ultraviolet application is very important to the success of your set up. Because of the shorter wavelengths, any pits, flaws or coating impurities …