Universal Motion Controller, High Performance, 4-axis, Ethernet

  • Type
    Universal Controller
  • Command Set
    Object oriented language, 100+ functions, TCL generated scripts, EPICS Compatible
  • Compensation
    Linear error, backlash, error mapping
  • Computer Interfaces
    Two Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T (RJ45) with Fixed and Dynamic IP with DHCP & DNS for local and network communication, EtherCAT Option Available
  • Control Algorithm
    PI Position, PIDFF Velocity, PIDFF Acceleration, PIDDualFF Voltage, Variable PID's, Derivative Cut-off Filter, Notch Filters, or Open Loop
  • ESP Compatibility
    ESP Stage Detection
  • Motion
    MultiAxis PCO, Synchronized pt to pt, Spindle, Gantry, Linear/circular interpolation, Splines, PVT, Analog tracking, Master-slave
  • Motor Control
    DC, Servo, Linear, Brushless, piezoelectric stacks, others via pass through card
  • Number of Axis
  • Weight