Technical Note:
Newport Motion Control and EPICS

The XPS Universal Motion Controller and EPICS

The staff at Argonne National Laboratory has developed software drivers to interface EPICS with Newport Motion Controllers. Controllers such as the XPS Series are playing vital roles in major experiments relying on real-time control. With multiple digital and analog I/Os, minimal trigger latency and an extremely fast servo loop cycle, the XPS is ideally suited for applications that require robust, reliable control. This collaboration furthermore offers all the power of Newport Motion to the EPICS user. The XPS is a universal motion controller that is compatible with almost all Newport stages, actuators and turn-key custom motion systems. The XPS can also be configured for operation with third party stages. and offers up to 8-axis control.

Newport Custom Motion Systems such as the Diffractometer above play critical roles for materials analysis at Synchrotron Facilities using EPICS.

With the most complete catalog of standard motion products and extensive experience and expertise in custom motion systems, Newport has the ability to meet the challenge of almost any application.

Please see the EPICS Hardware Support page for a full-listing of Newport and New Focus Controllers currently compatible with EPICS.

Build your Experimental Setup with Newport Motion Control and EPICS