Complete Spectrometer Package

Complete packaged 78877 Spectrometers are made up of the 77400 MS125™ 1/8 m spectrograph, the 78855 Linear CCD array, and a choice of grating and input slit. Gratings and slits are interchangeable to re-define the usable spectral range and resolution, as experimental needs change. This enables a single solution to become a customizable UV spectrometer, UV-VIS spectrometer, or VIS-IR spectrometer. Please specify the grating and slit to complete the 78877 spectrometer purchase.

Model 78877 LineSpec Linear Array Spectrometer. (78855 LineSpec CCD Detector and MS125 Spectrograph)

LineSpec CCD Detector

A key performance parameter for the CCD is the maximum S/N achievable by the detector. CCD sensors create high-quality, low-noise images. Compared to CMOS sensors, a CCD sensor is far less susceptible to noise, making them ideally suited to spectroscopy applications. In short, CCD detectors are optimum for low signal measurements.

Wide Range of Diffraction Grating Options

The Oriel® MS125 spectrograph is designed to hold one grating at a time. Standard grating assemblies are available from UV to IR. All feature diffraction gratings produced by Richardson Gratings.

LineSpec Software

The LineSpec software (included with each spectrometer or stand alone array detector) is an intuitive instrument control and data acquisition software that runs under Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 or 64Bit). The software supports routine spectroscopic measurements and data acquisition, such as, continuous, single, or averaging scans, as well as absorption, transmission, and emission spectral measurements. We also supply optional LabVIEW™ Drivers.

Application Example - Transmittance Spectra

Transmittance spectra of BG36 Schott Glass Filter taken with the MS125™ Spectrograph used a 400 l/mm grating blazed at 500 nm, and a 50 µm input slit. Integration time = 50 ms, averaging = 1 and 500 (noted on the inset graph).

Calibration Accessory

To ensure wavelength accuracy, we recommend using a known set of spectral lines, such as our 78822 HgAr Calibration Set, and letting the LineSpec software fit a standard quadratic regression through the known peaks. The 78822 includes a power supply, a mounting adapter to couple the lamp to the MS125, and a HgAr calibration lamp.