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Fiber Bundle, Glass, 11mm Circular Ferrule, 0.8 x 9.7mm Rectangular Slit (RoHS Pending)
rectangular to circular fiber bundle model 77539
Fiber Bundle, Fused Silica, 11mm Circular Ferrule, 0.8 x 9.7mm Rectangular Slit (RoHS Pending)


Broadband UV to NIR Transmittance

These fiber optic bundles have broad wavelength transmittance regions, from 260 to 2200 nm. Two different materials are used to construct the cores of these bundles: glass and high grade fused silica. A fiber bundle should be chosen based on the wavelength transmittance range and transmittance efficiency required.

Converts Collimated Light to Spot Size Shape and Vice Versa

Attempting to couple the circular end of a fiber optic bundle to the rectangular input slit of a monochromator or spectrograph results in significant vignetting losses. Using these fiber bundles to convert a circular light output into a rectangular shaped light output fixes this. Vice versa, these fiber bundles can also be placed at the output slit of a monochromator, to convert the collimated output to a circular shaped output for detector or sample irradiation.

Large Slit Size for Optimum Coupling of Light Source to Monochromator or Spectrograph

The rectangular end of these fiber optic bundles has a slit size of 0.8 mm x 9.7 mm, ideal for coupling to the input or output slit of an Oriel® Monochromator.