Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Type Core Diameter Numerical Aperture Transmittance Range Fiber Length Availability Price
5 Weeks
Bifurcated Fiber Bundle 4.5 mm (common), 3.2 mm (legs) 0.56 400 - 2000 nm 36 in.
5 Weeks
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Bifurcated Fiber Bundle 3.2 mm (common), 2.2 mm (legs) 0.22 260 - 2200 nm 36 in.
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Broad transmittance range over UV to NIR wavelengths

Fiber bundles with two different core materials are offered. A high grade fused silica core transmits nearly all of the radiation emitted from an arc lamp (particularly ozone free types), with transmittance beginning down at 260 nm and continuing to 2200 nm.

Comb randomized for equal light output from each branch

These multi-branch fiber bundles are comb randomized to produce evenly divided outputs. When light is uniformly focused onto the large unified input, each leg of a bifurcated bundle receives 43% of the total incident energy.