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Spectral Calibration Lamp, Argon, 10 mA, 500 Hour Rated Life
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In Stock
Spectral Calibration Lamp, Krypton, 10 ±4 mA, 1000 Hour Rated Life
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In Stock
Spectral Calibration Lamp, Neon, 10 ±4 mA, 250 Hour Rated Life
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In Stock
Spectral Calibration Lamp, Xenon, 6 ±3 mA, 250 Hour Rated Life
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Spectral Calibration Lamp, Hg (Ne), 18, ±5 mA, 500 Hour Rated Life
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In Stock
Spectral Calibration Lamp, Hg (Ar), 18±5 mA, 5000 Hour Rated Life
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HgAr Calibration Set, 220 VAC
HgAr Calibration Set, 115 VAC
6 Weeks
6 Weeks


AC Power Supplies Available

We offer AC power supplies specifically designed for pencil style calibration lamps. These power supplies are required for proper operation of the calibration lamps. AC power supplies have the benefit of being CE compliant and prolonging lamp life, as they operate lamps with small variations in output intensity. There are two models for each lamp type based on geographic location and AC power requirements of that region.

Complete Spectral Calibration Set Offered

For users seeking a complete calibration set for their Oriel monochromator or spectrograph, the 78812 and 78822 Calibration Sets are available. When performing calibration, a light source with at least two spectral lines within the wavelength region of interest is required for proper instrument calibration. Calibration is also required when using the 78855 LineSpec CCD detector and its included Oriel LineSpec software. Each calibration set includes: 6035 HgAr Pencil Calibration Lamp, 6047 (included with 78822) or 6048 (included with 78812) Power Supply for 115 or 230 VAC operation respectively, as well as 78819 Spectral Calibration Lamp Mount.

Three Filter Types Offered

When only certain portions of the lamp's output are required, three different filters are offered to block out the undesired spectral lines. Like the aperture shields, these filters simply slide over the lamp.

  • 6041 Short Wave Filter: Blocks visible wavelengths
  • 6042 Long Wavelength Conversion Filter: Attenuates the 253.7 nm Hg emission line and allows transmission from 300-400 nm
  • 6057 Glass Safety Filter: Protects the user from the lamp's intense UV spectral lines, completely blocks the 253.7 nm Hg line and attenuates the 312.6 nm line

Spectral output of the 6035 Hg(Ar) lamp with different filters used

Fiber Optic Accessory

The 6058NS Fiber Optic Accessory holds the face of an SMA terminated fiber close to the lamp to collect a portion of the light output for spectral calibration purposes. The optical post and holder are not included.

Post Mounted Lamp Holder

The 63670 Holder is suitable for mounting the pencil style calibration lamp for open air configurations. The 2.0 inch optical post SP-2 in the picture to the right is included.

Spectral Calibration Lamp Mount

The model 78819 spectral calibration lamp mount holds a calibration lamp securely at the input slit of an Oriel Monochromator or Spectrograph. Compatible with Oriel's 1.5 inch size flange series, the 78819 provides close coupling for excellent throughput with minimum light leakage.

Three Aperture Shields Available

When the radiation area of the lamp must be limited, Oriel offers three aperture. These aperture shields simply slide over the pencil calibration lamp and limit the lamp's output with the following aperture dimensions:

  • 6038 Pinhole Shield: 0.040 inch (1 mm) diameter
  • 6039Small Aperture Shield: 0.313 x 0.375 inches
  • 6040 Large Aperture Shield: 0.188 x 1.50 inches

Pencil Style Calibration Lamp Safety

Pencil style calibration lamps may emit dangerous UV radiation depending on their source type. Ensure that only authorized personnel are in the vicinity of the source, and that they are wearing the necessary safety equipment such as UV protective eyewear, clothing, and gloves.