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Lens Mount, Insertable, 12.7 mm Diameter, A-LINE
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Lens Mount, Insertable, 25.4 mm Diameter, A-LINE
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Lens Mount, Insertable, 50.8 mm Diameter, A-LINE
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Mounting, Aligning and Focusing Lenses Fast and Easy

A-Line™ series of self-aligning mounts are designed to make mounting, aligning and focusing lens groups fast and easy. How? The front of each lens mount has a special 6 mm alignment hole, which can be used with LH-GR Series Guide Rods such that several A-Line lens holders can be mounted together in a self-aligned row. This overview video demonstrates the easy and fast aligning process using the A-Line lens mounts.

A-Line Insertable Lens Mount

The A-Line insertable mounts LH-05NLH-1N and LH-2N are designed with unique angled slot to allow it to be inserted amongst a row of rod-mounted A-Line lens holders. This feature allows the user to easily add and remove lens from the middle of a beam path with out disassembly.

Insertable XY Lens Positioner

The A-Line insertable lens mounts are also available in adjustable version. LH-1XY provides 1.5 mm X and Y travel for fine alignment of Ø1 in. (25.4 mm) lenses.

A-Line Lens Adaptors

A-Line Lens Adaptors LH-2R1.5LH-2R1LH-1R05 and LH-50R25 allow lens to be adapted to various lens holders. For example, The LH-2R1 allows Ø1.0 in. lens to be mounted into Ø2.0 in. lens mount LH-2ALH-2N or LH-2DB. The adaptors are particularly useful for mounting different size lens on the same LH-GR guide rod. These Lens adaptor also have chamfered external edges to ensure the retaining rings on host mounts are automatically centered. These adaptors also can be used with most mirror mounts and lens tubes.

World's Fastest Michelson Interferometer

A-Line components provide the most efficient and convenient way to put optical systems together. Watch this video to see how easily and quickly one can put together a simple Michelson interferometer!

Versatile A-Line Mounts and Adaptors

Besides lens mounts, A-Line family of mounts also include all kinds of optic mounts, key rods and adaptors.

A-Line family of mounts can be used in many different ways to build your optical beam path easily and fast. For example, one can below opto-mechanical parts to build a vertical beam path shown on the left using A-Line components and adaptors: