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Fine Focusing Lens Mount, 1.0 in., Screw Drive, 8-32 and M4, A-LINE
Fine Focusing Lens Mount, 1.0 in., Micrometer Drive, 8-32 and M4, A-LINE
XY Lens Mount, Insertable, 25.4 mm, A-LINE
Kinematic Mirror Mount, Insertable, 25.4 mm A-LINE
Kinematic Mirror Mount, 45 Degree, 25.4 mm, Rear Load, CenterPoint, A-LINE
Polarizer Rotation Mount, 25.4 mm, 8-32 Thread, A-LINE
Polarizer Rotation Mount, A-LINE, 25.4 mm Diameter, M4 Thread


Mounting, Aligning and Focusing Lenses Fast and Easy

A-Line™ family of self-aligning mounts are designed to make mounting, aligning and focusing lens groups fast and easy. How? The front of each lens mount has a special 6 mm alignment hole, which can be used with GR Series Guide Rods such that several A-Line lens holders can be mounted together in a self-aligned row. This overview video demonstrates the easy and fast aligning process using the A-Line lens mounts.

A-Line Fine Focusing Lens Mount

The A-Line fine focusing lens mounts LH-1TZ and LH-1TZ-A provide 1.5 mm of fine, z-axis focusing adjustment for 1.0 in. (25.4 mm) lenses. Great for applications in spatial filtering, fiber collimation, fiber alignment or interferometry, LH-1TZ and LH-1TZ-A are designed to be either guide-rod mounted in combination with other A-Line series mounts or can be post-mounted via their 8-32 or M4 threaded mounting hole on the base. LH-1TZ features micrometer driven parallel flexture mechanism delivering 1.7 μm of focusing sensitivity. LH-1TZ-A features 100-TPI, screw driven parallel flexure mechanism that delivers 0.1 μm of focusing sensitivity.

A-Line Insertable XY Lens Mount

The A-Line adjustable XY lens mount LH-1XY provides 1.5 mm travel for mounting Ø1 in. (25.4 mm) lenses. The lens mount has a unique angled slot to allow it to be inserted amongst a row of rod-mounted A-Line lens holders. This feature allows the user to easily add and remove lens from the middle of a beam path with out disassembly.

A-Line Polarizer Rotation Mount

The A-Line LH-1PR and M-LH-1PR Polarizer Rotation Mount holds 1-in. (25.4 mm) polarizers and rotates manually over 360 degrees. They can be used with the rest of the A-Line™ Self-Aligning mounts to create a complex optical system. The rotation lock helps to lock the mount in place securely. The mounts can be also post mounted. 

A-Line Insertable Mirror Mount

The LH-1PY mounts Ø1 in. (25.4 mm) mirrors and allows +/- 3-deg travel adjustability. The mount has a unique angled slot to allow it to be inserted on to the LH-GR guide rods. This feature allows the user to easily add and remove optics from the middle of a beam path with out disassembly. 

45 Degree Mirror Mount

Also available is LH-1PY-45 adjustable mirror mount for making 90-degree beam folds with the A-Line system. 

Versatile A-Line Mounts and Adaptors

Besides adjustable optic mounts, A-Line family of mounts also include all kinds of optic mounts, key rods and adaptors.

A-Line family of mounts can be used in many different ways to build your optical beam path easily and fast. For example, one can below opto-mechanical parts to build a vertical beam path shown on the left using A-Line components and adaptors: