3X Space Saving Design

By eliminating the need for a clamping fork, these new pedestals and posts save 3X the space on an optical table allowing for dense optical systems.

Simple Installation - Easy Positioning

All PX series forkless pedestals can be installed with a single 1/4-20 (M6) cap head screw. The internally slotted base allows versatile positioning and solid clamping.

Stainless Steel or Aluminum - Flanged or Straight

Forkless posts and pedestals can be selected by design, material, thread, and lengths. There are two designs: flanged pedestal and straight post. Use the straight post design to save the most space. Use the flanged version for more versatility since these can also be mounted with a standard fork if needed. There are two types of material available: Stainless steel and Aluminum. Use stainless steel to provide the best stability and stiffness. Aluminum is lighter in weight and less expensive.

Forkless Pedestal Mounting

Using a 3/16 in. ball tip allen wrench you can access the 1/4-20 (M6) mounting screw via the patent pending angled access slot in the optical post. Pedestal versions can be mounted forkless using the same technique or with standard fork mounting.

PX Forkless Pedestals are Made for OEM Mounts

Newport's newest and best performing OEM mirror mounts are designed to mount on forkless PX posts and pedestals. The forkless design solves the space-constraint problems created by standard clamping forks. Click the video link here to see how the industry's most cost-effective, compact, and stable industrial mirror mounts are enhanced by our forkless posts and pedestals.

PX Series Mounting Posts – Spontaneous Inspiration

Watch this video to learn more about PX series mounting posts.