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Optical Pedestal Cube, 8-32 Mounting Holes
Thread Adaptor, Optical Pedestal Cube, 8-32 Thread
Optical Pedestal Cube, M4 Mounting Holes
Thread Adaptor, Optical Pedestal Cube, M4 Thread


Highly Stable Multi-dimensional Structures

PS-Q Optical Pedestal Cubes are designed for mounting 1.0 in. PS Series Optical Pedestals and Posts at a 90° angles to one another. This provides the high stability mounting offered by the 1 in. (25.4 mm) diameter posts in multiple dimensions without the need of additional mounting space of bulky stages and additional clamping forks. These solid stainless steel cubes are offered with 8-32 or M4 threaded holes for mounting, as well as larger clearance holes.

MT series compact stage assembly

Center-aligned Cube stacking

The Pedestal Cube system is unique is its ability to allow stacking of cubes on posts collinearly with PS-QA thread adaptors. This feature allows two cubes to form a periscope configuration easily. The thread adaptor also allows the cube to be rotated to the same orientation as any other attached cubes while still providing a threaded hole on the top side of the cube for further stacking of cubes or mounting components. With this feature, unlike other cubes, the Pedestal Cube can be infinitely stacked while maintaining a common alignment.

Close Proximity Mirror Mounts

Orthogonal, close proximity post mounting of two mirror mounts is possible using the PS-Q Pedestal Cube.

Periscope Applications

Pedestal cubes can be used to create a periscope configuration as shown with SUPREMA® Series Precision Stainless Steel Mirror Mounts.

Delay Line Applications

A simple delay line can be constructed with two UPA-45D.5 mounts and two pedestal cubes supported by 1.0 in. optical pedestal