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Cubic Enclosure, 1 in. Optical Mounts, Aegis Qube Beam Routing System
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Kinematic Optic Mount, 1.0 in., Stainless Steel, Aegis Qube System
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Mirror Mount Adaptor, .5 in ULTIMA® or Suprema® to Aegis Cubic Enclosure
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Prism-Cube Gimbal Mount, 3-Axis, 1.0 in., Aegis Qube
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XY Lens Positioner, 1 in. Diameter Lenses, Aegis Qube System
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Polarizer-Wave Plate Rotator, 1 in. Diameter, Aegis Qube System
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Fully Enclosed Beam Path

The Aegis Qube™ Beam Routing System can be fully enclosed using cover plates and beam tubes. Enclosed beams are protected from air currents, dust and stray light which can adversely affect your application.

Unique Cubic Enclosure

The Cubic Enclosure Q-OC-1 can house several types of optical mounts. A Q-SS100-R3HN or Performa-i series kinematic mirror mount will mount directly into the cube. Both of these mount types hold 1-in. diameter mirrors or beam splitters. 0.5 in. hex-driven Ultima or Suprema series mirror mounts can be hosted inside the mount with Q-A50-E adapter.

Accessible Mount Adjustments

Three cover plate options are offered for the Q-OC-1 cube. Q-XE-CP-1 cover plate has access holes to allow adjustment of optics mount within the cube. Q-XE-CP-W cover plate features a sliding window to conveniently access optical mounts inside the cube and can be closed and locked in place to prevent unwanted access. Q-XE-CP-B cover plate has no access holes for tamper resistant protection.

Prism-Cube Gimbal Mount

1-inch beam splitting cubes or prisms can be mounted within the cube using the Q-IBC-1 gimbal prism mount. This mount provides three axes of gimballed angular adjustment and can be purchased with UGP-KIT adapters for mounting 0.5-inch cubes, spherical or rectangular optics. The Q-IBC-1 is designed to attach to the open face of the Q-OC-1 cube opposite the enclosed face. The entire cube assembly can be supported by standard optical post using the 8-32 (M4) counterbored hole in the center of the mount's base. 

Adjustable Mounts for Lenses & Polarizers

1-inch diameter polarizers or wave plates can be mounted externally to the cube with the Q-XIPR-1 polarizer rotator. This mount provides a full 360 degrees of indexed manual rotation and can hold polarizers up to 0.50-inch thick. 1-inch diameter lenses can also be mounted using the Q-XILP-1 lens positioner. Both mounts can be attached directly to any of the five open faces of the Q-OC-1 cube or, by using the RG Series guide rods, be mounted in line between any two cubes. Q-XILP-1 also has both 8-32 and M4 threaded holes for post mounting.

Easy Assembly and Alignment

With over 40 different elements, the Aegis Qube™ Beam Routing System can be easily assembled into almost any configuration.

Variable Attenuator Application

Aegis Qube components can be used to create an enclosed variable attenuator. Optical mounts and components are sold separately.

Fixed Height Periscope Application

Vertical beam routing configurations can be created like the fixed height periscope shown in this diagram.

Custom Beam Routing Application

The Aegis Qube system offers the flexibility to build a wide variety of custom enclosed beam routing systems like the one shown.