LaserClean™ Low-VOC Optical Components

Many laser-based applications require extra care to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) and ensure added cleanliness. These VOCs and other contaminates deposit on to optical surfaces causing degradation in output power, beam quality, and wavelength. Newport now offers a collection of Opto-Mechanical components and optical breadboard products that are specially prepared with clear anodize, nickel plating or stainless steel materials, special lubrication and vacuum-level cleaning. We call these products, LaserClean™. A few of the key features of these environment sensitive products include:

  • Specially Cleaned Components for Low-contamination Applications
  • Class 1000 (ISO 6) cleanroom grade double bagging
  • Mirror Mounts, Linear Stages, Posts & Holders, Pedestals, and Accessories
  • Opto-Mechanics and Vibration Control products available
  • Extra Clean, Low-VOC Components

LaserClean Packaging

Products are packaged in Class 1000 (ISO 6) cleanroom grade bagging material and then double-bagged for further cleanliness precautions. The product is first bagged in a controlled environment. LaserClean™ products are cleaned in the same method as V6 vacuum-compatible parts. However, blind holes remain thereby making only V6 components suitable for vacuum applications.

LaserClean™ Mirror Mounts

LaserClean™ Linear Stages

LaserClean™ Posts

LaserClean™ Post Holders

LaserClean™ Pedestals

LaserClean™ Optical Breadboards

LaserClean optical breadboards feature low outgassing processes and components, provide off the shelf solutions for applications that require low VOC or low outgassing optical breadboards. These specialized optical breadboards feature:

  • Proprietary cleaning and manufacturing process ensures low outgassing interface
  • Scientific Grade performance, other performance grade available as custom
  • Clear anodized SA2 solid aluminum optical breadboards also available
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