Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Detector Material Spectral Range Amplified Calibrated TE Cooled Availability Price
Silicon 200-1100 nm No No Yes
Silicon 200-1100 nm Yes Yes No
Silicon 200-1100 nm Yes Yes Yes
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Germanium 700-1800 nm Yes Yes No
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Germanium 700-1800 nm Yes Yes Yes
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Lead Sulfide 700-3000 nm Yes No No
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Lithium Tantalate 600-50000 nm Yes Yes No
Lithium Tantalate 450-9000 nm Yes Yes No


Calibrated Models are NIST Traceable

We offer calibrated and standard photodiode sensors. The calibrated detectors come with NIST traceable spectral responsivity values for every 10 nm over the detector's calibrated wavelength range. The Germanium detectors NIST traceable calibrated responsivity factors cover the 0.7 to 1.8 µm range. The UV Si detectors are calibrated from 200 to 1100 nm.

Typical Responsivity of Silicon Detectors

Typical Responsivity of Germanium Detectors

Typical Responsivity of PbS Detector

Typical Responsivity of Pyroelectric Detectors

Flange mounted for enclosed optical path

The flanged detectors are enclosed in aluminum housings with a 1/4-20 tapped hole in the bottom for rod mounting, and a 1.5 Inch Series female flange for direct coupling to Oriel Monochromators and lamp housings.  Shown on the right is the 71582 Silicon detector mounted directly to one of our research housings, looking transversely at the lamp, utilizing the 68952 Adapter Kit.

Thermoelectric cooled options for optimum responsivity stability

Oriel offers a selection of Thermoelectric (TE) cooled detectors, that allows the direct temperature control of the internal detector element.  The primary benefit of TE cooling is to stabilize the detector responsivity, especially at the extremes of the responsivity range.  The 70062 cable connects to one of our 6895X series of digital light intensity controllers (such as our 68950), while the 70062B cable connects to a number of our ILX branded temperature controllers (our LDT-5416 shown on the left).

Our 71582 Silicon detector connected to our ILX LDT-5416, using the 70062B cable