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185 to 870 nm photomultiplier tube model 77341
Photomultiplier Tube, 185-900 nm Range, UV Glass Window
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400-1100 nm photomultiplier tube model 77343
Photomultiplier Tube, 400-1200 nm Range, Borosilicate Glass Window
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160 to 900 nm photomultiplier tube (PMT) model 77348
Photomultiplier Tube, 160-900 nm Range, Quartz Window
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185 to 850 nm photomultiplier tube (pmt) model 77360
Photomultiplier Tube, 185-900 nm Range, UV Glass Window
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Ultimate Low Light Level Detectors

High responsivity pulsed event detection from ms down to µs, our PMTs function from 160 nm to 1100 nm. Pulse measurements from µs to ms are possible at useful photocurrent levels of 100 µA to 1 mA and above. For pulsed applications you can draw up to 50x higher currents for short times, as long as average current ratings are not exceeded.

Side-On Tubes for High Responsivities

These PMTs are side-on type and have similar components as end-on type, but arranged in a much tighter geometry which makes packaging easier and removes some of the environmental sensitivities of these superb detectors. Side-on tubes have faster rise times and reach higher responsivities since most of them use opaque photocathodes, thus avoiding the optical losses associated with the semitransparent photocathodes of end-on tubes. For more details about PMT physics, see our Optical Detection Systems technical note.

Typical Responsivity of 77341, 77348 and 77360

Typical Responsivity of 77343

Housing Compatible with Various PMTs and Detection Instruments

For low noise DC operation or pulsed operation <10 µs, Oriel offers the 70683 PMT housing. It includes a high voltage cable for use with Oriel's model 70706 PMT power supply and a low-noise BNC signal cable. The output from the PMT may be read by a lock-in digital amplifier, such as Oriel's LIDA-SRS-KIT Radiometry System. The model 70693 PMT Housing includes all of these items, as well as an interface module allowing signals to be read by many of Newport's popular power meters. The 70693 is compatible with power meters 1936-R and 2936-R. This module may be removed at any time, allowing the signal to be read by Oriel's lock-in digital amplifier if desired.

Optional Current Preamplifier Facilitates Use of Lock-in Digital Amplifier

The 70710 Current Preamplifier is particularly beneficial with the LIDA-SRS-KIT Radiometry System. The current output from the PMT is converted into a voltage output, which allows users to take advantage of the wider voltage dynamic range of the lock-in digital amplifier.

Build an Entire System with Newport Products

To build a complete PMT System, you need:

  • Photomultiplier Tube 
  • PMT Housing Model 70683 or 70693
  • PMT Power Supply Model 70706
  • Signal reading instrument, such as Newport's power meters or Oriel's model LIDA-SRS-KIT Radiometry System

DC or Modulated Light Detection

All our PMTs can be used in a pulsed mode or DC. The housing determines the operation. Typical rise times and electron transit times (the delay due to the finite time needed for electrons to transverse the multiplier chain) are a function of bias voltage and/or the voltage divider network. These times become shorter at higher bias voltages. You need to balance the desire for fast response with the increased noise levels at high biases.