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Optical Power Detector, InGaAs, 800-1650 nm, DB15 Calibration Module
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Optical Power Detector, Germanium, 780-1800 nm, DB15 Calibration Module
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Silicon Detector, 400-1100 nm, DB15 Calibration Module
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UV Detector, 200-1100nm, DB15 Calibration Module
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Highest Quality Photodiodes

Plots of various photodiode characteristics

Newport uses the highest quality semiconductor detector materials available. Available sensor types are silicon (Si), UV-enhanced Si, Germanium, and Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs). Choose 818-UV for 200 - 400 nm wavelength, but note that the maximum measurable power level in 400 - 1100 nm is as low as 50 mW with the attenuator on. Newport’s advanced calibration facility performs the tightest calibrations in the business, further improving the absolute accuracy of our detectors.

Wide Dynamic Range with Removable Attenuator

Typical spectral responsivity of Newport's low power detectors

The 884-xx Series OD3 attenuators, calibrated for each matching detector and shipped together, extend the calibrated optical dynamic range of our detectors by three decades. Our attenuator design provides high damage threshold and spectral flatness. With the low NEP associated with the photodiodes we are using, a wider dynamic range is achieved. For less than 1 mW input power, we recommend removing the attenuator (0.1 mW for 818-UV/DB between 200 - 400 nm) to maximize the signal to noise ratio.  The clear aperture of this attenuator is 10.3 mm.

Tightest Calibration Uncertainty

The 818 Series include a full spectral response calibration utilizing NIST-traceable standards calibrated with high-precision equipment maintained in Newport’s optical detector calibration facility. Tight calibration facility and process control allows the tightest calibration uncertainty in industry. Each detector is shipped with the calibration data, which is electronically stored inside the detector's EEPROM. A certificate of calibration as well as the actual calibration curves and data with and without the attenuator are shipped with each product. To maintain accuracy and guarantee performance Newport recommends annual photodiode detector calibration.

Note on Detector Connectors

The 818 series detectors come with a BNC connector with a detachable calibration module. The /DB suffix indicates a DB15 style calibration module that provides direct compatibility with Newport’s current power meter offering. The models with the /CM suffix, available offline only for purchase, come with the legacy round 8-pin mini-DIN module. The BNC connector models, 818-xx, are no longer available. Purchase 818-xx/DB and simply remove the calibration module.

Calibration Module

Order the 818-SCAL-OPT when you need to order a calibration module only, for 818 Series photodiode detectors, without recalibration of the detector. When you place an order, inform the sales staff the detector model, the required calibration module type, and its serial number. This part is not orderable online.