Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Spectral Range Minimum Measurable Power Availability Price
low cost photodiode-based fiber optic detector model 818-SL-L-FC-DB
Fiber Optic Detector, InGaAs, 800-1650 nm, 10 mW, DB15
800 - 1650 nm 20 pW
low cost photodiode-based fiber optic detector model 818-SL-L-FC-DB
Fiber Optic Detector, Ge, 780-1800nm, 10 mW, DB15
780 - 1800 nm 5 nW
low cost photodiode-based fiber optic detector model 818-SL-L-FC-DB
Fiber Optic Detector, Si, 400-1100 nm, 4 mW, DB15
In Stock
400 - 1100 nm 20 pW
In Stock
low cost photodiode-based fiber optic detector model 818-SL-L-FC-DB
Fiber Optic Detector, UV-Si, 200-1100 nm, 0.1 mW, DB15
In Stock
200 - 1100 nm 20 pW
In Stock



Highest Quality Photodiode Sensors

Newport uses the highest quality semiconductor detector materials available. Available sensor types are silicon (Si), UV-enhanced Si, Germanium (Ge), and Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs).

Cost Effective Fiber-Optic Power Detection

These 818 Series fiber-optic photodiode optical power sensors are a low cost alternative to the 818-IS or 918D-IS Series sphere-based fiber-optic detectors. They are based on our standard 818 Series detectors with an included, removable 884-FC FC/PC fiber optic adapter. Replacing 884-FC with 884-FCA and 884-SMA, will accommodate for the FC/APC and SMA connectors respectively. Removing the fiber-optic adapter allows the detector to be used for uncalibrated free space power measurment.

NIST-traceable Sensor Calibration

Our calibrated photodiode sensors include a full spectral response calibration utilizing NIST-traceable standards calibrated with high-precision equipment maintained in Newport’s optical detector calibration facility. Tight calibration facility and process control allows the tightest calibration uncertainty in industry. Each detector is shipped with the calibration data, which is electronically stored inside the detector's EEPROM. A certificate of calibration as well as the actual calibration curves and data are shipped with each detector for attenuator and no attenuator models. To maintain accuracy and guarantee performance, Newport recommends annual photodiode detector calibration.

Detector calibration system block diagram.

Removable Calibration Module

The 818 series detectors include a BNC connector with a removable calibration module. The /DB suffix indicates a DB15-style calibration module that is directly compatible with Newport’s current power meters. Models with the /CM suffix, which include a legacy round 8-pin mini-DIN module and the BNC connector models, 818-xx, are no longer available. For older instruments that require no calibration module (BNC), we recommend that customers purchase 818-xx/DB and simply remove the DB15 calibration module. Please order the 818-SCAL-OPT when only a new calibration module is needed for the 818 Series photodiode detectors, without the need to recalibrate the detector.

Free space measurements

The photodiode sensor in the 818-xx-L-FC/DB is calibrated in free space. The 884-FC fiber adapter has no impact on calibration. Therefore, free space measurements can be done simply by removing the fiber adapter.

Adapters for Fiber-Optic Applications

These photodiode sensors can be converted to measure optical power from connectorized or bare optical fibers. Newport offers a comprehensive set of screw-in fiber-optic adapters to match a variety of connector types. Our bare fiber holder and adapter mount are designed together to hold 250-µm bare fibers without damaging the fiber.

Compatible Power Meters

Newport offers a comprehensive range of optical power meters from low cost, hand-held meters to the most advanced dual-channel benchtop meter available in the market. Presented here is a list of meters compatible with the 818 Series sensors. For more detailed information about our power meters, please see our Optical Power Meter Guide.










Measurement Modes


Peak-to-Peak Power

RMS Power




Power Power 
Analog Bandwidth Up to 400 kHz Up to 20 kHz  15 Hz  15 Hz 15 Hz 
Data Storage 250,000 pts internal   Limited by USB memory size

843-R-USB: Via PMManager

843-R: None

Via PMManager
Measurement Rate per Second 10,000 20 15 15 15 
Trigger In/Out
Computer Interface








843-R-USB: USB

843-R: None

Only available with model 1830-R-GPIB

Additionally, please refer to Newport Power Meter and Detector Legacy and Compatibility for a complete list of meters that are compatible with this model.