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integrating sphere based universal fiber optic photodetector model 918d-is-ig
Fiber Optic Detector, Universal, 410-1650 nm, DB15 Connector
integrating sphere based universal fiber optic photodetector model 918d-is-ig
Fiber Optic Detector, Universal, 800-1650 nm, DB15 Connector
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
integrating sphere based universal fiber optic photodetector model 918d-is-ig
Fiber Optic Detector, Universal, 410-1100 nm, DB15 Connector



High Performance Universal Detectors

The 918D-IS Series symmetrical integrating sphere is constructed from a highly reflective thermoplastic, resulting in much better measurement stability under varying conditions of temperature, humidity and long-term usage compared to conventional coated spheres. The 918D-IS-1 features a dual detector and is fully calibrated over the very broad wavelength range of 400-1650 nm. The 918D-IS-IG has a single InGaAs detector and is calibrated from 800-1650 nm, and the 918D-IS-SL has a single silicon detector and is calibrated from 400-1100 nm. Included with each detector are adapters for bare fiber and FC, ST, LC, SC and SMA connectors, making the 918D-IS a universal fiber optic detector. 918-IS Series detectors have a DB15 connector integrated into the end of their cable and are compatible with all of Newport's optical meters that accept such a connection.

LC Adapter

Bare Fiber Adapter

Tightest Calibration Uncertainty

Newport's detectors include a full spectral response calibration utilizing NIST-traceable standards calibrated with high-precision equipment maintained in Newport’s optical detector calibration facility. Tight calibration facility and process control allows the tightest calibration uncertainty in industry. Each detector is shipped with the calibration data, which is electronically stored inside the detector's EEPROM. A certificate of calibration as well as the actual calibration curves and data with and without the attenuator are shipped with each product. To maintain accuracy and guarantee performance Newport recommends annual photodiode detector calibration.

Integrating sphere with novel dual detector design

The 918D-IS-1 Universal Fiber Optic Detector uses a symmetrical integrating sphere design for the maximum calibration accuracy regardless of the fiber type being measured. Its integrating sphere incorporates a novel dual detector design with special optics that dramatically improve temperature sensitivity compared with ordinary detectors. It is fully calibrated to traceable standards over the 410-1650 nm wavelength range. Other features include calibration data encoded in a calibration module integral to the electrical connector, an integral DB15 connector, compatibility with Newport’s new power meters and a versatile dual port design. A complete kit of adapters, including the FP3-FH1, is included with each detector, along with a rugged carrying case.

Variety of Fiber Adapters Included

A variety of fiber adapters are included with every Sphere-Based Fiber Optic Sensor. A Blank Plug (22497-01) , bare fiber adapter (FP3-FH1), FC (22494-01), ST (22493-01), LC (31850-01S) and SC (31856-01S) adapters are included. An SMA (918D-IS-SMA) Fiber Adapter for the 818-IS and 918-IS is also available for purchase separately.

Portable Versatility

Each 918D-IS Series detector and its accompanying connector and bare fiber adapters come in a rugged carrying case that protects the equipment during transportation or storage, making it easy to carry the system from one lab to another.

Note about Legacy Model 818-IS-1

Please note that the legacy model 818-IS-1 is not available for online purchase. Contact Newport Sales for more information.

Model 818-IS-1 with an ST fiber adapter

Compatible Power Meters

Newport offers a comprehensive range of optical power meters from low cost, hand-held meters to the most advanced dual-channel benchtop meter available in the market. Presented here is a list of meters compatible with the 918D-IS Series sensors. For more detailed information about our power meters, please see our Optical Power Meter Guide.










Measurement Modes


Peak-to-Peak Power

RMS Power




Power Power 
Analog Bandwidth Up to 400 kHz Up to 20 kHz  15 Hz  15 Hz 15 Hz 
Data Storage 250,000 pts internal   Limited by USB memory size

843-R-USB: Via PMManager

843-R: None

Via PMManager
Measurement Rate per Second 10,000 20 15 15 15 
Trigger In/Out
Computer Interface








843-R-USB: USB

843-R: None

Only available with model 1830-R-GPIB

Additionally, please refer to Newport Power Meter and Detector Legacy and Compatibility for a complete list of meters that are compatible with this model.