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Connector Adapter, 8-pin DIN to DB15818-xx/CM Detectors to DB15 Power Meters
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Optical power meter, economical, handheld, laser power and energy
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Optical Power Meter, Economical Handheld, Laser Power & Energy
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  • Compatible Detectors
    Newport 818-xx/DB, 918D, 819C/D, 919E, 919P, LIAD, PEPS
  • Computer Interfaces
    USB2.0 for 843-R-USB; none for 843-R
  • Sampling Rate
    15 Hz (photodiode and thermopile), 500 Hz (pyroelectric)
  • Repetition Rate
    Up to 25 kHz pulses (pyroelectric)
  • Data Storage
    Via USB for 843-R-USB (no internal data storage)
  • Analog Output
    0-1 V into 100 Ω, mono audio 2.5 mm jack (included)
  • Accuracy
    ±0.25 % (Full Scale) ±20 pA
  • Power Requirements
    DC 12-16 V, 1W
  • Battery
    Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
  • Battery Life
    14 hours typical between charges
  • Detector Input
    Up to 1.3 mA for Photodiode Sensors
  • Display Mode
    15 mm numeric display. High resolution analog needle also can be chosen.
  • Display Type
    High legibility TFT 320 x 240 pixel graphics LCD
  • Display Refresh Rate
    15 Hz
  • Photodiode Measurement
    Average power
  • Thermopile Measurement
    Average power, single shot energy
  • Pyroelectric Measurement
    Pulse energy (10 times per sec)
  • Measurement Rate
    15 Hz
  • Gain Ranges
    16 ranges
  • Resolution
    18 bits plus sign
  • Dimensions
    4.4 x 8.4 x 1.6 in. (113 x 213 x 40 mm)
  • Weight
    1.0 lb (0.47 kg)
  • Operating Temperature
    15°C to 35°C, <70% RH, non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature
    0°C to 50°C, <90% RH
  • CE
  • RoHS


Ergonomic Design

The case is made of molded high impact plastic with optimized angle kickstand. Rubberized sides provide an easy grip of the power meter and protection against damage. 843-R can be operated either by battery or from an AC power supply (included with either a US style plug or a European style plug) with the charger plugged in at all times. Its backlight allows illumination of the power meter in low light conditions.

Simple Yet Powerful

843-R and 843-R-USB are low cost Laser Power Meters capable of measuring from pJ and pW to thousands of Watts, in an ergonomically designed compact body. A single shot energy pulse measurement can be done. 843-R has two display modes: a large digital display with a bar graph or with a high resolution simulated analog needle. A simple configuration of the measurement parameters and hot-swappable capability allow the user take measurements quickly even with multiple sensors. The interface supports English, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian languages. Recalibration every 12 months is recommended.

843-R vs. 843-R-USB

843-R-USB has the same performance as the 843-R with the addition of USB communication to the PC. Install PMManager™ application software to use with the 843-R-USB and turn your PC into a full optical power meter workstation. We also provide a COM object for system integrators as well as a LabVIEW™ library.

PMManager™ Application Software

PMManager™ is a powerful application software controlling and taking measurement data out of the new Model 843-R-USB Laser Power Meter. It turns a PC into a laser power multi-channel analysis workstation. The PMManager software features include: extensive graphic display of data, advanced measurement processing, data logging for future review, printing of graphs and data, and the ability to connect additional devices during active measurements. The PMManager software package includes the latest PMManager user manual, the COM object manual, the available user command lists, and automation examples written in various programming languages.   Please refer to our PMManager Tutorial for more details about its capabilities.

Compatibility with Legacy 8-pin DIN Round Calibration Modules

The Newport detectors with the legacy /CM models having the Round 8-pin DIN calibration modules requires an 843-DIN adapter. The legacy 841-DIN adapter is not compatible with 843-R.

Ideal for Field Service

With its ergonomic, handheld design, ability to measure a wide range of power and energy levels, and a user-friendly interface, the 843-R is an indispensable field service instrument. It is especially popular with medical and industrial systems that depend on lasers. The simple menu structure makes it easy for users to learn how to operate the device quickly.

Calibration Report Included

Newport certifies calibration performed using standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other recognized national standards laboratories. Included with your new instrument is a comprehensive calibration report. Newport also recommends recalibration every 12 months.

843-R Power Meter Set-up

This video shows how to easily and quickly set up your 843-R, configure it with a detector, and specify the desired measurement for the wavelength of your source. For more information, please see the 843-R/843-R-USB Laser Power Meter User Manual – in particular, section "2.1 Getting Started."

Single Shot Energy Measurements

This video shows how to set up the 843-R to measure individual single shot pulses of energy every 5 seconds with thermopile detectors. For more information, please see section "4.4 Energy Measurement" of the 843-R/843-R-USB Laser Power Meter User Manual.

CW Power Measurements

The 843-R can measure CW power when using a photodiode or thermopile detector. This video shows how to set up the 843-R with a 918D photodiode detector to take CW power measurements. For more information about operation with a photodiode detector, please see "Chapter 5. Operation with Photodiode Sensors" of the 843-R/843-R-USB Laser Power Meter User Manual. For more information about using a thermopile detector to take CW power measurements, please see section "4.3 Power Measurement" of the 843-R/843-R-USB Laser Power Meter User Manual.