PMManager™ Power Meter Application Software

PMManager is a powerful application software controlling and taking measurement data, compatible with models 1919-R, 843-R-USB, 844-PE-USB, and the all-new 1938-R and 2938-R. It turns a PC into a laser power multi-channel analysis workstation. The PMManager™software features include: extensive graphic display of data, advanced measurement processing, data logging for future review, printing of graphs and data, and the ability to connect additional devices during active measurements.

Download PMManager 3.72 (123.2 MB, ZIP)

Directly Access All Detector Parameters

PMManager Detector Parameters

All detector parameters are directly accessible from PMManager. Major parameters are available on the detector information window, and further functions are available by clicking ‘Functions’ button.

Extensive Graphic Displays

PMManager Needle
Multiple data sets on one graph or separate graphs on the same screen

Various graphics displays are available in PMManager such as line plot, histogram, bar chart, and simulated analog needle.

Data Logging for Future Review

PMManager Log Setting
PMManager Log Data
  • Can be displayed graphically or saved in text format
  • Log data based on the time interval or on the number of data points
  • Easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet

COM Object

PMManager COM Obj

The PMManager software package also includes a COM object, which allows system integrators to integrate the measurement expertise of Newport equipment with in-house legacy analysis packages.

Demo client applications in VB.NET 2010, VC#.NET 2010, MatLab, and LabVIEW 2013 are provided with the PMManager installation and can be found in C:\Program Files\Newport\PMManager 3.xx\Automation Examples\Com object. A console application is provided as well.

Advanced Measurement Processing

  • Power/Energy Density, Scale Factor, Normalize against a reference
  • Multi-channel comparisons
  • User defined mathematical equations: channels A/B, (A-B)/C etc.
  • Position measurement with PEPS sensors

Compatible Power Meters