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Laser Position Sensor, Laser Power, 3 W, 9.5 mm Aperture, 0.19-20 µm
Laser Position Sensor, Laser Power, 3 W, 12 mm Aperture, 0.15-8 µm


The Most Versatile Detectors

The PEPS series thermopile-based quad-cell detectors measure not only average power of cw and pulsed laser sources and the single shot pulse energy of a pulsed laser source, but also measure the position and size of the beam.

Position Accuracy Down to 0.1 mm

The position information is provided when the detector is connected to one of the Newport power meter models 843-R, 843-R-USB, 1919-R, and 841-PE-USB. The powerful PMManager application software program even allows the beam stability measurement.

Tracking of the Laser Beam

When connected to 1919-R power meter, the detectors also provide the beam tracking information such as the min and max X/Y positions, average position, and standard deviation.

Visualization of Beam Drift

The PMManager™ program offers a visual presentation of the laser beam drift over time in a 2-dimensional histogram, so you can easily see the pattern of the beam drift over time.

Data Logging for Further Analysis

The PMManager™ program allows to download the logged data of the X and the Y position as well as the optical power for further analysis and recording purposes.

Smart Sensor Design

The signal coming from the sensor is divided into 4 quadrants so by measuring and comparing the output from the 4 sections we can determine the position of the center of the beam to a high degree of accuracy.