Optical Power Meter Guide

Optical power meters and detectors have been served by Newport for over 30 years. The offering ranges from a low cost, hand-held meter to the most advanced dual channel benchtop power meter available in market. Our 1936-R/2936-R series boasts state-of-the-art analog boards with a whopping 250 kHz sampling rate and femtowatt level resolution, easily dwarfing competition. The model 1918-R optical power meter is a small portable reader but outperforms many competitors' flagship benchtop instruments. ILX Lightwave offers and a unique optical power/wavelength meter for accurate optical power measurement with wavelength measurement and a precision fiber optic power meter for test measurement of fiber optic components. Note that Newport and ILX Lightwave products are not cross-compatible.

Selecting an Optical Power and Energy Meter

See our Optical Power Meters to browse our standard models, or select a product series below to learn more about our products and capabilities. We also offer a complete line of Low Power Sensors, Laser Power Sensors, Laser Energy Sensors, and specialty sensors such as the PEPS Series Power & Position Sensors and LIAD Series Lock-in Amplifier Detectors. Power Meter Kits are a good choice for basic power measurements. However, once you have a kit, it is easy to extend the capabilities by purchasing another detector or a meter Newport offers.

  Model Features & Benefits
  Power Meter Kits  
PMKIT Power Measurement Kits
  • New! More choices with configurable model PMKIT
  • Best value for industry proven products
  • Kit includes a power meter, a detector, and mounting assembly
  • Simple ordering process and great flexibility
  Benchtop Meters  
2936-R-S 1936-R/2936-R High Performance Optical Power & Energy Meters
  • The most advanced meter available in market
  • Superb sensitivity, accuracy, and speed
  • Measurement rep-rates up to 10 kHz
  • Vivid 5.7” color screen with multiple graphical display options
1830 2 1830-R Benchtop Optical Power Meters
  • Drop-in replacement of legacy 1830-C
  • GPIB/RS-232 model available as well as USB 2.0 only model
  • A chirping audible tone for alignment
  • Two analog output modes: 2V into 1 MΩ/1V into 50 Ω impedance
fpm 8220 3-quarter ILX Lightwave FPM-8220 Fiber Optic Power Meters
  • Precision fiber optic power meter with NIST traceable accuracy <2.5%
  • Low polarization dependent response
  • GPIB and USB remote interface
6810B with 6732B head mW nm ILX Lightwave OMM-6810B Optical Power & Wavelength Meters
  • Measures power and wavelength with ILX Lightwave Power/Waveheads
  • Integrating sphere-based power measurements
  • Measurement heads cover a wide wavelength range from 350 to 1650nm
  • GPIB remote interface
  Portable Meters  
1919-R-angle 1919-R High-Performance Hand-Held Optical Power Meters
  • Digital with bargraph, analog needle, line plot, stability, real-time statistics displays
  • Scalable analog output
  • Log every point at up to 5000 Hz with Pyro sensors
  • Compact handheld design with rubberized bumpers and optimized kickstand
843-R side 843-R Hand-Held Laser Power Meters
  • Digital value display with either bar graph or a simulated analog needle
  • Analog output
  • Single shot energy measurement with a thermopile sensor
  • Compatible with Newport photodiode and new 919P series thermopile sensors
  Virtual Meters  
841-PE-USB 841-P-USB Virtual Optical Power Meters
  • Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10 32 & 64 bit
  • Small form factor
  • USB interface with powerful PMManager software
  • 15 Hz Analog output
  • Multiple power meters run on a single PC
Model 1936-R / 2936-R 1830-R 1830-R-GPIB FPM-8220 OMM-6810B 1919-R 843-R 843-R-USB 841-PE-USB
Brand Newport Newport Newport ILX Lightwave ILX Lightwave Newport Newport Newport Newport
Instrument Type Benchtop Benchtop Benchtop Benchtop Benchtop Hand-held, portable Hand-held, portable Hand-held, portable Computer interface only
Channels 1 / 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Photodiode Detector Compatible
Thermal Detector Compatible         919P Series only 919P Series only 919P Series only 919P Series only
Pyro Detector Compatible 818E Series only         919E Series only 919E Series only 919E Series only 919E Series only
Analog Output   (converted from digitized values) (converted from digitized values) (converted from digitized values)
Analog Bandwidth Up to 400 kHz Up to 20 kHz Up to 20 kHz     15 Hz 15 Hz 15 Hz 15 Hz
Trigger Input                
Computer Interface USB, RS-232 USB USB, GPIB, RS-232 GPIB, USB GPIB USB, RS-232 None USB USB
PC Software PMA PMA PMA N/A N/A PMManager N/A PMManager PMManager
Field Upgradable Firmware
CW Measurements
Pulse or Peak-to-peak                
Frequency Measurement                
Wavelength Measurement                
Advanced Functions: Math, Statistics, Filtering Best     Good Good Best   Via PMManager™ Via PMManager™
Advanced Functions: Charting, Plotting, Bar Graph Best         Best   Via PMManager™ Via PMManager™
Data Storage 250,000 pts internal         Limited by USB memory size      
Measurement rate per second 10,000   20 20   15 (Up to 5,000 for pyro) 15 15 15

Note: indicates that the feature is available. –R power meters are RoHS compliant version of legacy -C models.

Optical Meter Display Units

The Newport power meters can provide the readings in various units, depending on the types of the detectors used.

Display Units 1936-R/2936-R 1830-R FPM-8220 OMM-6810B 1919-R 843-R 843-R-USB 841-PE-USB
REL   Via PMManager™

Notes: indicates that the specified unit is available.
* Available measurement units are dependent on the detector type. The SUN unit is only available with 818P series thermopile detectors.