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Laboratory Power Supply, +/- 15 VDC, 115 VAC
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Laboratory Power Supply, +/- 15 VDC, 230 VAC
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Provides ±15 VDC for common laboratory equipment

Many items in a laboratory require a DC power source to operate. The model 70703 and 70709 lab power supplies are designed with banana jacks, allowing users to create their own connections to various instruments.

Ideal for use with Oriel detectors and preamplifier

Amplifiers require power to operate. These power supplies include a triple banana jack cable that is used to supply power to Oriel amplified detectors. It also can be used to power the model 70710 current preamplifier, which is used with unamplified detectors, solar cells and other sensors that produce a current output. The 70710 includes a cable to obtain power from the preamplifier.

Includes +5 VDC supply with its own ground

These power supplies include an auxiliary +5 VDC connector with its own ground. This is required for powering the Oriel model DET-L-PBS-R-U PbS detector. It may also be used to supply power to other laboratory equipment. Just like the ±15 VDC connectors, the +5VDC and its ground connector use standard banana jacks.