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Sample Bias Amplifier, QE
In Stock
In Stock


  • Type
    Sample Bias Amplifier
  • Bandwidth
    4 Hz - 5900 Hz
  • Weight
    0.5 kg
  • Dimensions
    169.3 x 36.2 x 123.8 mm
  • AC Gain Temperature Coefficient
    ±35 ppm / °C Max
  • DC Gain Temperature Coefficient
    ±25 ppm / °C Max
  • DC Gain Accuracy
    ±0.2% for 10 x Gain
  • Temperature Coefficient
    ±100 ppm/ °C Max


Measure the AC Component

The AC component is proportional to the chopped light Irradiance from the monochromator, which can be measured at the DB9F connector with a Merlin Digital Lock-in Radiometry System. By measuring the AC component at different wavelengths, one can construct the external and internal Quantum Efficiency curve for photovoltaic cells. The Sample Bias amplifier has individual selectable gains via gain switches on the top of the amplifier for the DC and AC components.

Short Circuit Current

The 70714 Sample Bias Amplifier can provide the short circuit current (Isc) for the photovoltaic device being tested by monitoring the DC output. The Isc is obtained by dividing the voltage at this output to the resistance corresponding to DC gain. All measurements performed using this amplifier can be made in two- or four- wire configurations.