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Linear Stage, Aperture, Double-Row Bearing, 0.63 in., 4-40 and 8-32
Linear Stage, Double-Row Ball Bearings, Aperture, 0.98 in., 4-40 and 8-32
Linear Stage, Double-Row Ball Bearings, Aperture, 0.98 in. Travel, 8-32 and 1/4-20
Linear Stage, Double-Row Ball Bearing, Aperture, 16 mm Travel, M3 and M4
Linear Stage, Double-Row Ball Bearing, Aperture, 25 mm Travel, M3 and M4
Linear Stage, Double-Row Ball Bearing, Aperture, 25 mm Travel, M4 and M6
Linear Stage, Double-Row Ball Bearing, Aperture, 51 mm Travel, M4 and M6



Double-Row Ball Bearings for Smooth Travel & Heavier Loads

Ball bearing slides provide smoother translation from a rolling motion. Ball bearings are captured in guide ways by means of hardened steel rods with a gothic profile. This creates only two points of contact for minimal friction, and provides extremely smooth travel for even the smallest of incremental movements. Fewer points of contact also mean less differential slip and provide higher load capacities compared to the 4-point contact of other ball-bearing designs. The lower differential slip keeps friction and wear minimal, adding to the durability and lifetime of these stages.

The type of bearing way, ball diameter, and number of balls affect the load capacity of a stage.

2-Axis Assembly

UMR Series stages can be easily stacked together to provide 2 axes of translation for a low profile XY system or as a foundation for more complex multi-axis systems. This video demonstrates how to assemble a 2-axis translation system with 2x UMR8.25 stages.

MVN Vertical Stage Compatibility

UMR stages are compatible with MVN Series Vertical Stages allowing you to build XZ or XYZ stage stacks with a horizontal oriented mounting platform. An MVN50 vertical stage is shown on top of UMR5.25 linear stage.

UTR Rotation Stage Compatibility

UMR linear stages are compatible with UTR Series Rotation Stages allowing you to built X or XY stage stacks with a rotatable mounting platform. A UTR80 rotation stage is shown mounted on top of UMR8.25 linear stage. 

XYZ Configurations

Abundant tapped hole patterns on these stages are included to provide the most options for mounting components on the stage mounting surface. Two stages can be easily stacked to provide XY translation (except the UMR5.5). Z configuration can be assembled using the EQ Series Angle Brackets. Two XYZ configurations of (3) UMR5.25 linear stages with EQ50 angle brackets are shown.

Adjustable System

We offer Adjustable Right Angle Brackets which allow one arm of an angle bracket to vary in length. This can be useful in adjusting the center of rotation of a UTR rotation stage mounted orthogonal to a UMR stage. It is also beneficial to simply adjust the length of one arm of a UMR stage mounted orthogonal to another UMR stage.

Easily Combined for Multi-axis Motion

The UMR Steel Linear Stages are compatible with TGN Series Tilt Platforms, UTR Steel Rotation Stages, and MVN Precision Vertical Stages of matching size (for example, UMR8.25 with TGN80 and UTR80). They can be combined to provide multi-axis motion and can be easily adapted to fit a specific system's needs. In the picture, a six-axis manual positioning system is shown using two UMR8.25s, two TGN80s, a UTR80S, and a MVN80.

Compatible Actuators

UMR stages can achieve 1 µm sensitivity when used with BM series standard micrometer heads or 0.1 µm sensitivity with DM series differential micrometers. Select models can also be driven by motorized actuators. Actuators are not included. Refer to the specification tables above to see compatible actuators and required adapters for each UMR stage. 

Compatible Mounting Accessories

The carriage of UMR stages can be locked by a carriage lock that mounts in the stage body opposite the actuator. Two are required for fixed positioning. PBN series steel base plates are used to mount UMR stages on an optical breadboard or table. EQ series angle brackets available in exterior (-E) and interior (-I) versions enable multi-axis configurations of UMR stages. Adjustable angle brackets are also available. 

UMR Stage Carriage Lock Base Plate Angle Bracket
UMR5.16A CL6-16 M-PBN5 EQ50-E
UMR5.25A CL6-25
UMR8.25A CL12-25 M-PBN8 EQ80-E
M-UMR8.51A CL12-51

UMR Stage Load Characteristics