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Linear Stage, Single-Row Ball Bearings, 1.57 in., 10-24 and 1/4-20
Linear Stage, Aperture, Single-Row Bearing, 1.57 in., 10-24 & 1/4-20
Linear Stage, Single-Row Ball Bearings, 2.48 in., 10-24 and 1/4-20
Linear Stage, Single-Row Ball Bearings, 3.15 in., 10-24 and 1/4-20
Linear Stage, Single-Row Ball Bearing, 40 mm Travel, M5 and M6
Linear Stage, Aperture, Single-Row Ball Bearing 40 mm Travel, M5 and M6
Linear Stage, Single-Row Ball Bearing, 63 mm Travel, M5 and M6
Linear Stage, Single-Row Ball Bearing, 80 mm Travel, M5 and M6

Actuators are not included. Please see specifications for recommended actuators.
We also offer smaller Double-Row Bearing UMR Stages.


  • Centered Normal Load Capacity
    400 N
  • Vertical Axial Load Capacity
    440 N
  • Angular Deviation
    <200 µrad
  • Compliance in Pitch
    0.02 mrad/Nm
  • Compliance in Roll
    0.02 mrad/Nm
  • Compliance in Yaw
    0.02 mrad/Nm
  • Material
    Alloy Steel
  • Bearings
    Single-Row Ball Bearings
  • Bearing Constant
    70 mm
  • Drive Location
    Center drive
  • Thread Type
    10-24 and 1/4-20
    M5 and M6 (M- models)


Low Profile, A Wide Variety of Sizes

UMR Series Linear Stages are offered with a variety of translation ranges from 0.2 in (5 mm) all the way to 3.15 in (80 mm). UMR12 stages feature single-row ball bearings and are ideal for applications with large vertical load capacity (+Cx) when mounted in vertical orientation. Similar stages of smaller footprint (UMR3, UMR5 and UMR8) feature double-row ball bearings for higher centered load capacity (Cz) in a horizontal configuration. 

MVN Vertical Stage Compatibility

UMR stages are compatible with MVN Series Vertical Stages allowing you to build XZ or XYZ stage stacks with a horizontal oriented mounting platform. An MVN50 vertical stage is shown on top of UMR5.25 linear stage.

UTR Rotation Stage Compatibility

UMR linear stages are compatible with UTR Series Rotation Stages allowing you to built X or XY stage stacks with a rotatable mounting platform. A UTR80 rotation stage is shown mounted on top of UMR8.25 linear stage. 

XYZ Configurations

Abundant tapped hole patterns on these stages are included to provide the most options for mounting components on the stage mounting surface. Two stages can be easily stacked to provide XY translation (except the UMR5.5). Z configuration can be assembled using the EQ Series Angle Brackets. Two XYZ configurations of (3) UMR5.25 linear stages with EQ50 angle brackets are shown.

Adjustable System

We offer Adjustable Right Angle Brackets which allow one arm of an angle bracket to vary in length. This can be useful in adjusting the center of rotation of a UTR rotation stage mounted orthogonal to a UMR stage. It is also beneficial to simply adjust the length of one arm of a UMR stage mounted orthogonal to another UMR stage.

Compatible Actuators and Mounting Accessories

Actuators for UMR stages are not included. The stages can achieve 1 µm sensitivity when directly used with BM series standard micrometer heads or  0.1 µm sensitivity with LTA-HS motorized actuator which requires ADAPT-BM25-375 adapter. The travel of the stage is limited by either the travel range of the stage's bearing or that of the actuator, whichever is shorter.

The carriage of UMR stages can be locked by a carriage lock that mounts in the stage body opposite the actuator. Two are required for fixed positioning. Fixed positioning kits are available for select models.

Brackets and bases are available for creating multi-axis configurations of UMR stages. PBN series steel base plates are used to connect stages with bottom-surface mounting holes to support structures that are inaccessible from below, such as breadboards and optical tables. EQ series angle brackets are made with an open-corner design to allow more mounting space and easier access to adjustments. They are offered in exterior (-E)  and interior (-I) versions for building XZ and XYZ motion control in flexible configurations. Adjustable angle brackets are also available. 

UMR Stage Standard Micrometer Motorized Actuator1 Carriage Lock Fixed Positioning Kit Base Plate Angle Bracket
UMR12.40(A) BM25.40 LTA-HS CL18-40 FP18-40 M-PBN12 EQ120-E
UMR12.63 BM25.63 LTA-HS CL18-63
UMR12.80 BM32.80 CL22-80 FP22-80

1requires ADAPT-BM25-375 adapter

UMR Stage Load Characteristics