Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Diameter Height Load Capacity Thread Type Availability Price
46 mm 33 mm 30 N 8-32 and 1/4-20
46 mm 23 mm 30 N 8-32 and 1/4-20
79 mm 40 mm 200 N 8-32 and 1/4-20
79 mm 23 mm 200 N 8-32 and 1/4-20
119.5 mm 50 mm 500 N 1/4-20
159 mm 68 mm 800 N 1/4-20
46 mm 33 mm 30 N M4 and M6
46 mm 23 mm 30 N M4 and M6
79 mm 40 mm 200 N M4 and M6
79 mm 23 mm 200 N M4 and M6
119.5 mm 50 mm 500 N M6
159 mm 68 mm 800 N M6

An adjustment screw is included with these rotation stages.
We also offer Aperture Versions of these stages.



360° Coarse Rotation - 4° Fine Rotation

Disengaging the side-mounted clutch knob permits continuous 360° free rotation. Once the approximate angular orientation is obtained, a zero-backlash manual drive provides a fine adjustment of 4°, which can be locked down by the lock knob opposing the fine adjustment knob once the final alignment is achieved. Scale markings and a vernier on the side of the rotation stage measure angular position with 1 arc min resolution. Sensitivities range from 2 to 6 arc second depending on the model.

Table Mounting

UTR Series stages can be table mounted using the optional PBN Series Base Plate. Stages mount with the included BR Series Mounting Bridles, through the stage collar near the base. Shown in the photo is a UTR80S mounted to a M-PBN8 base plate. Alternative solution for table mounting is to use BR-U Mounting Bridle when the base plate cannot be used.

Vertical Orientation Post Mounting

Although they are most commonly mounted horizontally, (M-)UTR80S low profile rotation stages can be post mounted in a vertical orientation using the M4 threaded hole located on the side of the stage.  Shown in the photo is a UTR80S mounted to 1 in. optical pedestal.

Low Profile Versions

Low Profile versions of UTR Precision Steel Rotation Stages are available in the UTR46S and UTR80S, with metric version of each also offered as M-UTR46S and M-UTR80S. These low-profile stages save on lab space and keep optics and lasers closer to the table.

Center Aperture Versions

We also offer UTR-A Series manual rotation stages with a center aperture for optical access through the rotation axis or for mounting optical components to provide easy integration to systems like laser imaging or microscopes.

Integrate with Linear Translation Stages

The UTR Rotation Stages are compatible with high load, double row ball bearing UMR Linear Stages to build configuration possibilities like the X, Y, θz stage stack shown. Shown here is the UTR80 mounted on top of two UMR8.25.

Integrate with Tilt Platforms

The UTR stages include special bridals to allow mounting to a variety of different stages.  Shown here is the UTR80S mounted to two TGN80 Tilt Platforms for complete pitch, yaw and roll adjustment.

Easily Combined for Multi-axis Motion

The UTR Steel Rotation Stages are compatible with UMR Steel Linear StagesTGN Series Tilt Platforms, and MVN Precision Vertical Stages of matching size (for example, UTR80 with UMR8.25 and TGN80 , or UTR120 with TGN120 and MVN120). They can be combined to provide multi-axis motion and can be easily adapted to fit a specific system's needs. In the picture, a six-axis manual positioning system is shown using two UMR8.25s, two TGN80s, a UTR80S, and a MVN80. (Hint: first assemble Y & Z stages from the backside of Y stage, and then connect X stage to YZ from backside of X. In both steps, the carriage of UMR stage needs to be translated to each end of the travel range to reveal access holes, please refer to UMR stage XY assembly video.)

Steel Construction Provides High Load Capacity & Smooth Rotation

The UTR stages are made of stainless steel to provide a robust frame with centered load capacities up to 800 N. Bearings are preloaded into precision-ground, tool steel races for a smooth, accurate trajectory with minimum eccentricity.