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Fiber Optic Illuminator, 150 W QTH
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In Stock


  • Lamp Type
  • Lamp Wattage
    150 W
  • F/#
  • Intensity Control
    Solid State 0-100%
  • Light Ripple
    ±6% pk. to pk. rms
  • Line Regulation
    ±1% change in light intensity for a ±10% change in line voltage
  • Power Requirements
    100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Lamp Voltage
    21 VAC, nominal; adjustable from 0 - 21 VAC
  • Color Temperature
    3200 K Maximum


150 W QTH Lamp Provides Broadband VIS-IR Emission

The 66088 uses the 6346 150 W QTH lamp as its illumination source. QTH lamps exhibit better output stability than arc lamps and do not produce strong UV light emission or toxic ozone. Their smooth spectral output curve make them useful for radiometric and photometric applications. The 6346 is a specialized QTH lamp with a dichroic reflector for collecting any backscatter from the lamp and focusing nearly all of the lamp's output light into a focused point several mm in diameter.

No Lamp Alignment Necessary

Upon receiving the 66088, the unit is ready to use after a simple drop-in installation of the lamp. The user does not have to spend time aligning the lamp or programming the power supply to output the proper voltage and current. Simply plug in the unit and it is ready for use.

Fiber Coupling Adapter Required

The 66088 light source can be used as a fiber optic coupling solution for flexible light delivery. When using a Liquid Light Guide or Fiber Bundle terminated with an 11 mm ferrule, Fiber Bundle Mount model 77817 is required for compatibility. Simply install the mount to the output port of the 66088 and insert the 11 mm ferrule end.

Minimized Light Ripple with Integrated DC Power Supply

QTH lamps operate in constant current mode in order to prolong lifetime by maintaining a stable light output throughout the operation of the lamp. Highly stable light output with minimal ripple is dependent on the current supplied to the QTH lamp's filament. Integrated into the 66068 is a highly regulated power supply, capable of supplying current with such stability that output light ripple is maintained to ±6% peak to peak.

Manual Control Knob on Front Panel for Simple Light Intensity Adjustment

Adjusting the output light intensity is as easy as turning in the knob located on the front panel. Output intensity and thus color temperature of the lamp can be adjusted from 0 to 100%, or 0 to 3300 K.

Remote intensity and shutter control functionality

If remote control of the light source is preferred, the output intensity of the 66088 can be adjusted by connecting an external 0 to 5 VDC power supply to the 9-pin, D-style connector on the rear panel of the illuminator. Using this external connector also enables remote on/off functionality, in which a TTL signal can be input to turn the lamp on/off, mimicking the function of an external shutter.