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LED Light Source, Visible, 15 W, Fiber Optic Coupling Output
LED Light Source, Visible, 50 W, Fiber Optic Coupling Output (RoHS and / or CE Pending)
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High Intensity White LED Light Source

The light output of the 66088-LED is provided by a 15 W white light LED and the 66088-LED50 integrates a 50 W white light LED. This visible light spectrum excludes ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths which can be undesirable or even damaging in other spectroscopy systems.

Versatile Light Guide Adapter Socket

The light guide adapter socket on the front panel of the 66088-LED(50) is adjustable to accept any existing light guide. Oriel also offers a wide variety of light guides for use with the light source. It is recommended a liquid light guide be used for its high transmittance over the output wavelength range of the light source. For coupling a light guide with Oriel’s 11 mm ferrule termination, a 66088-LED-ADAPT light guide adapter is sold separately for optimum coupling.

Easily Integrated into Existing Systems or Used as a Plug and Play Standalone Device

With four methods of brightness control and an adapter on the front panel that can accept any light guide, the 66088-LED(50) can easily be integrated into any existing system requiring its bright, white light spectrum. For users that simply want a plug and play, standalone light source, an AC power adapter is included and the full capability of the 66088-LED(50) can be accessed by using the Light Intensity Knob or Adjust Buttons on the front panel of the light source.

Four Methods of Brightness Control

The output intensity of the 66088-LED(50) can be controlled in four ways:

  • A manual knob or adjust buttons on the front panel of the light source increases or decreases the light intensity proportionally with a simple turning of the knob or press of a button.
  • Analog control: An external DC power supply capable of outputting 0-5 VDC will allow for a brightness control with 0 VDC providing no light output and maximum brightness output at 5 VDC. Varying the voltage from 0-5 VDC will change the output light intensity proportionally. 
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM): Utilizing PWM control enables the light source to be controlled by a digital signal, from a microcontroller for example. A digital signal also provides less heat generation as only an “on” or “off” signal is input into the light source. The lifetime of the light source is also prolonged as the lifetime of the LED is only influenced by the “on time” provided by the digital input signal. PWM control is as simple as providing a 5 V, 200 Hz input signal, and increasing the duty cycle to increase the brightness of the light source.
  • Exclusive to the 66088-LED, an RS232 port is available for intensity adjustment as well via remote commands.

Long Lifetime

As a solid-state LED light source, the 66088-LED(50) holds several advantages over traditional arc and QTH lamp light sources. The 66088-LED(50) is a true plug and play light source, and does not require the installation of a lamp into a lamp housing or setting of safe parameters on a power supply. LEDs are also much more energy efficient and can be housed into a much more compact package than a traditional arc or QTH lamp setup consisting of several large components. In addition to its convenience in operation and compact size, the 66088-LED(50) has a lifetime of 30,000 hours. Its initial low pricing, all in one package, and ease of operation when compared to standard arc and QTH light sources, make this light source solution the preferred alternative.