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Compact Lens Positioner, XY, 1.0 in. Diameter, 100 TPI
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Compact Lens Positioner, XYZ θXθY, 1.0 in. Diameter, 100 TPI
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Compact Lens Positioner, XYZ, 1.0 in. Diameter, 100 TPI
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Compact Size

With a frame size of just 2 inches, LA1V-XY and LPV-1 Lens Positioners are ideal for applications with limited table space.

Lockable High Precision Adjustment

Precise positioning is achieved with the integration of 100 TPI drive screws which provide 0.71 µm sensitivity for fine XY centering. An integral 5/64 (M2) hex hole in the drive knobs allows for optional Allen key adjustment. 9841 features adjustment lock for each axis to prevent unintended adjustment once the alignment is completed. Optional lock nuts JN-1E-3 can also be added to LA1V-XY and LPV-1.

Replaceable Adjusters

For OEM applications, the knob adjusters of LA1V-XY and LPV-1 Lens Positioners can be easily replaced by SW-10E1-3 hex socket adjustment screws and JN-1E-3 lock nuts to save more space and prevent unintended adjustment.

Holds More Than Just 1.0 in. Spherical Lenses

LPV-1 and LA1V-XY Lens Positioners feature 1.063-20 threaded central aperture which can accommodate retaining rings to hold 1.0 in. optical elements and a variety of optics holders for objective lenses and optic of other sizes. For example, 0.5 in. lens and cube beamsplitter can be held with PRA-05 adapter and CH-0.5 holder, respectively. With LT10-NP1 adapter, the lens positioner can connect with a lens tube system to create beam expanders, microscopes, collimators and more.

Holds Compact Aspheric Objectives or Optical Fibers

With 1283 Asphere Adapter, 9841 Lens Positioner can hold Aspheric Objective Lenses which offer the same magnification and on-axis performance as microscope objectives in a lighter and more compact package. 9841 can also hold FC-connectorized optical fibers with 1281 FC Fiber Adapter.

Optical Post Mounting

Post mounting on the LA1V-XY is achieved by accessing one of the 8-32 or M4 threaded holes on the side of the mount body. The LPV-1 is optical post mounted via a counterbored hole sized for 8-32 or M4 cap screws. 9841 features a removable slotted base plate as well as two threaded holes 8-32 and M4 at the bottom for maximized flexibility of mounting.