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XY Optic Positioner, Precision, BD Differential Micrometers
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XY Optic Positioner, Precision, BHC Lockable Adjustment Screws
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XY Optic Positioner, Precision, BM Micrometers
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RMS Mounting Thread

The RMS thread on the SB18YZ conveniently holds RMS-threaded microscope objectives or pinholes.

Ideally Suited for Spatial Filters

A spatial filter can be constructed by the SB18YZ Precision XY Positioner with PNH pinhole, UMR linear stages, X26 series four-sided optical rail, rail carriers and rail mounts

Choice of Actuators

The SB18YZ Optic Mount is available with ±2 mm travel Hex Screws, Micrometers, or Differential Micrometers. BM Micrometer drives deliver 1 µm sensitivity. Short-focal-length pinhole focusing applications benefit from the 0.1 µm sensitivity of BD Differential Micrometers. BHC Lockable Adjustment Screws fix the optic in position to prevent inadvertent misadjustment.

Table or Post Mounting

The Objective Lens & Pinhole Precision Positioners can directly be mounted to optical tables using the slotted base, which can be removed if space is limited, or to an optical post. To mount to an optical post, the base and the riser need to be removed to expose a 1/4-20 (M6) threaded hole at the bottom of the mount.

Locking Actuators

For long-term stability, all Newport’s Objective Lens & Pinhole Precision XY Positioners feature lockable actuators. To lock the actuators, simply tighten the knob at the corner of the mount to prevent unintended adjustments.

Imperial and Metric Mounting Holes

The Objective Lens & Pinhole Precision XY Positioners are compatible with both imperial and metric systems. The bottom of the mount is equipped with a central M6 threaded hole and four M3 threaded holes in 20 mm square. Simply removing the plate on the side of the mount will grant access to 1/4-20 and 4-40 threaded holes in similar pattern.