Motorized Actuator Compatibility with Mirror Mounts

Compatibility Key

Fully compatible1
Compatible but may require standard interface adaptor and/or include small performance limitation
Call your local sales office or contact us online (877-835-9620 in the U.S.).2
Not compatible or recommended3
  1. In some cases, one must limit the travel range of actuators or the payload of the stage. Check out corresponding technical notes for TRA and TRB Series, PZA12, and LTA Series for more information.
  2. 'Yellow' may require custom interface adaptor or may include significant performance limitations in terms of travel length, load capacity and etc.
  3. For TRA or TRB series actuator, only one TRA or TRB model is chosen as "Green" in most cases due to the travel length requirement. (eg. TRA6 or TRA25 can still be compatible with 460A-X but not recommended as TRA12 is an ideal choice with its 12mm travel range).