Fast Side Tab Mounting

Most standard stages mount beneath the translating component, requiring proper positioning to expose the mounting through holes. With the 460A Series Quick-Mount Linear Stages, however, convenient external mounting tabs eliminate this need. These stages offer the easiest mounting, regardless of the stage's initial position, for fast implementation into optical systems.

Stainless Steel Ball-Bearings for Smooth Translation

The light-weight aluminum construction translates using stainless steel ball bearings running along opposing pairs of polished stainless steel rods. The stages are also spring loaded against the drive actuator for backlash free motion. For the lower load capacity of the lightweight stage, this offers exceptional straightness of travel over the full 0.5-in. (or 13 mm) travel range, with <150 µrad deviation.

Low Profile Design Fits in Tight Spaces

Both x and xy configurations of these stages have the same minimum profile height of 1 in. to fit easily anywhere. For 3-axis control, the removable Z Axis Stage or Bracket is available to convert a 460A-XY Model to a 460A-XYZ or 460A-X and vice versa. Stainless steel actuator mounts are compatible with either manual or motorized actuators to accommodate your precision needs, sold with or without actuators included.