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Micrometer Head, High Resolution, 0.5 µm Sensitivity, 13 mm Travel
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Micrometer Head, High Resolution, 0.5 µm Sensitivity, 6 mm Travel
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Non-influencing Locking Mechanism

The HR Series Micrometer Heads have a novel thumbscrew locking mechanism that clamps a non-threaded portion of the screw from all sides. This stress-balanced design secures the position with negligible displacement during locking.

Standard Stage 9.5 mm Mounting Interface

All HR series micrometers have the same 9.5-mm mounting interface making them both interchangeable with other micrometers and compatible with the Newport stages listed below.

  • 461/462 Series ULTRAlign™ Precision Integrated Crossed-Roller Bearing Linear Stages
  • 561/562 Series ULTRAlign™ Precision XYZ Positioning Stages
  • 423 Series Extended Range Ball Bearing Linear Stages
  • 426 Series Extended Platform Crossed-Roller Bearing Stages
  • Peg-Joining Linear Stages
  • Quick-Mount Linear Stages
  • Low-Profile Rotation Stages
  • Anti-Backlash Goniometric Rotation Stages

0.25 mm Pitch Threads for High Sensitivity

HR Series Lockable High-Resolution Micrometer Heads have 0.25 mm pitch threads (over 100 TPI), providing twice the sensitivity of standard SM Series. These fine threads allow 0.5 µm sensitivity with direct position readout in 5 µm graduations. They are recommended for applications requiring sensitive positioning, as well as accurate position readout.