Sturdy Travel for Moderate Loads

Our novel manufacturing methods, based on fewer machined parts, allows for a low-profile design with higher performance for moderate load capacities up to 36 lbs. (160 N). They can be stacked into multi-axis configurations with 90° angle brackets available for vertical motion. (To mount M-SDS25 and SDS40 stages to optical tables having 1 in. (25 mm) or larger grid, Slotted Bases are needed and sold separately.)

Special profiled bearing ways provide extended contact points for maximum stiffness and load capacity while optimizing stress distribution at the end of the contacts.

Optimized Bearing Contact Profile for Smooth Travel

Unique bearing way profiles provide extended contact with the stainless steel ball bearings to achieve improved stiffness and load capacity over classical V-groove profiles.

Side Mounted Actuators for Minimum Footprint

Side-mounted micrometers minimizes the overall stage footprint while maintaining a low profile. These stages also feature an easy access locking mechanism for each axis. SDS Stages are available in three square sizes with sides measuring 25 mm, 40 mm, and 65 mm, and are supplied with a BM Series Micrometer already installed.

SDS stages on Stainless Steel Slotted Bases.

Slotted Base Plates

Slotted base plates are available for versatile mounting of SDS stages to optical tables or breadboards. Please see the accessory section for more information.

Angle Brackets for Multi-Axis Configurations

90 degree angle brackets can be used to build XYZ stage stacks like the one shown. lease see the accessory section for more information.

SDS40 stages in XYZ assembly with SDS40-BK bracket, on B-2B base plate.

SDS Series Linear Stage Load Characteristics