Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Dimensions Thread Type Use Availability Price
35 x 25 x 25 mm M2 25 x 25 mm Stages
54 x 40 x 24 mm M3 40 x 40 mm Stages
86 x 65 x 40 mm M6 65 x 65 mm Stages
54 x 40 x 24 mm 6-32 40 x 40 mm Stages
86 x 65 x 40 mm 1/4-20 65 x 65 mm Stages


Stainless Steel for Increased Rigidity

Each bracket in this series is made of stainless steel, utilizing the material's increased stiffness for more rigid support of mounted stages an components, compared to aluminum brackets. There are four clearance holes for bolting the bracket to the supporting stage and four threaded holes for mounting the orthogonal stage or components directly.

Designed to Build Multi-axis Configurations

These right angle brackets mount evenly with their compatible stages to offer mounting of additional stages such as GON series Goniometers, RS series rotation stages, DS series Dove-tail Stages or 9061, 2, or 3 series gothic arch stages.

SDS40 stages in XYZ assembly with SDS40-BK angle bracket.