45 W, 200 W, and 1000 W QTH lamp options

QTH lamps of 45 W, 200 W, and 1000 W input power are available as standalone lamps or components in complete light sources. The 45 W QTH lamp option outputs light form 280 to 2500 nm. The 200 W and 1000 W QTH lamp options output light from 250 to 2500 nm. A lamp should be chosen based on the wavelength and irradiance requirements of the application or system. Output irradiance of the lamp must be intense enough to produce a good signal to noise ratio without saturating a photodetector or other components in the system.

Highly regulated, high stability power supply included with light source kits

The irradiance information included with each QTH lamp is measured at a specific operating currents. In order to achieve the performance measured during operation, a highly regulated power supply capable of outputting constant current with minimum ripple is required. The OPS-Q Series Power Supplies meet that requirement. The appropriate power supply is included with all light source kits or available for separate purchase. In addition to operating a QTH lamp with minimal light ripple, external control via RS-232 or USB, external shutter control, and timer control features are among the additional benefits to using this power supply.

Rod mount for open air operation

The appropriate rod mount is included with each QTH light source kit. Rod mounts are open-air holders that provide a low cost alternative to lamp housings. Additional benefits when using a rod mount include the ability to place the lamp closer to the sample or desired area of illumination and the option of mounting the lamp horizontally or vertically. Users that need to collimate and focus the light output of the QTH lamp can select the appropriate lens setup from Newport's line of lenses.

Lamps calibrated to NIST traceable standards

For light sources or lamps with NIST traceable calibration, irradiance measurements are taken in a specially equipped calibration laboratory. When receiving a calibrated lamp directly from NIST, there is some uncertainty in calibration dependent on wavelength and lamp structure. A small, but additional uncertainty is introduced as a NIST calibrated lamp is used to calibrate a previously uncalibrated lamp. These uncertainties are listed in the Specifications table.

Recalibration services offered

Oriel provides recalibration services for calibrated QTH lamps. It is recommended that a lamp be recalibrated each year or after 50 hours of use. Contact Newport Sales for more information.