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QTH Lamp Power Supply, 600-1000 W, Power, Current, Intensity, RS-232/USB
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QTH Lamp Power Supply, 45-250 W, Power, Current, Intensity, RS-232/USB
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User Interface with Large LCD Display

A power switch and all manually controllable features of the OPS model power supplies are accessible from the front panel. Four horizontal push buttons each activate a horizontal menu that allows for configuring of lamp operation mode, shutter, display mode, and setup with the help of a corresponding vertical menu that is activated as well. These functions are conveniently displayed and easily navigated by the LCD display on the front panel of the power supply.

Constant Current, Power, and Intensity Control Modes

The OPS Series power supplies allow the lamp to be operated in power, current, and intensity control modes. There is very little difference in the short term output stability when operating a QTH lamp in constant current or constant power mode. However, the differences appear as the lamp ages. Even with a stable power supply, deposits on the inside of the lamp envelope are visible as the lamp filament degrades, changing the electrical characteristics of the lamp. More details can be found in the manual.

Configuration Settings

The OPS model power supplies are capable of storing up to four Setups. These Setups consist of lamp operation mode with relevant parameter limits (power, current, flux, etc.) and timing preferences for shutter and dosage control. This allows a user to easily recall previous testing parameters to create a repeatable setup. With 1 s resolution, the OPS Model Power Supply is also capable of logging the hours of operation has been in use to allow the user to be aware of when the lamp’s end of lifetime should be.

Safety Interlock Prevents Accidental Exposure

Newport’s Oriel Power Supplies have a safety interlock feature which must be satisfied before the power supply will power the lamp and which, if broken during operation, will disable the power supply. Overheating of the housing or accidental opening of the door will automatically shut down the power supply.

Integrated Shutter Control and Timer Features

The shutter control feature of the OPS model power supply is useable in power, current, and intensity control modes. Any shutter which responds by opening or closing when receiving a TTL signal can be controlled by the OPS Power Supplies. This includes the low-cost TTL shutter characteristic of Oriel model 71445 and the shutters designed into the Oriel Solar Simulators. A BNC connector is located on the rear panel of the power supply to output these TTL signals to the electronic shutter. The shutter can be manually opened or closed by pressing the SHUTTER button on the front panel of the power supply. RS-232 or USB control of the shutter is possible as well. Utilizing the OPS Power Supply's shutter control feature enables Timed exposure control mode. The exposure or open time of the shutter and number of repeat cycles is set by the user. Exposure times can be paused and resumed at will or reset to 0 in the middle of an exposure with the easy to use push buttons on the front panel. 

OPS Power Supply Demonstration Video