100 W Xe Arc Lamp

The APEX2-XE uses the 6252 100 W Ozone Free Xe lamp as its illumination source. Xe arc lamps produce a spectral output curve that is almost featureless in the UV and NIR regions, with characteristic Xe lines emitted from 750-1000 nm. Due to their sun-like emission spectrum, Xe lamps are widely used for solar simulation applications. Their high intensity, broadband output also make them popular excitation sources for absorbance and fluorescence applications. The 6252 is an Ozone Free Xe lamp, useful for applications that do not require wavelength emission below 260 nm and features an ellipsoidal reflector to maximize light throughput throughout the APEX2-XE system.

Easy Optical Coupling and Software Interface with Oriel Monochromators and Spectrographs

The output flange of the APEX2 is the standard Oriel 1.5 inch flange, making for easy mechanical coupling with several existing Oriel instruments. Along with its wide compatibility with existing Oriel software packages, the APEX2 can be used with the following instruments:

  • Cornerstone 130B Monochromator
  • Cornerstone 260 High Resolution Monochromator
  • MS260i High Resolution Imaging Spectrograph
  • MS257 Monochromator
  • MS257 Imaging Spectrograph

If TracQ Basic Data Acquisition and Spectroscopy Software is used, the APEX2 and monochromator/spectrograph can also be integrated with an Oriel detection instrument, such as the LIDA-SRS-KIT and compatible detector. This setup creates a complete measurement system with light source, light analysis device, and light measurement detector.

Integrated Six Position Filter Wheel

A filter wheel is integrated into the assembly of the APEX2. Up to six order-sorting or neutral density filters can added (1.0 in or 25.4 mm diameter, 0.2 in. or 6 mm thickness) and filters can be changed as fast as 1.7 s/filter. An LED display indicating the filter wheel's current position is located on the rear panel so user can observe this while not being in the path of the output light, preventing exposure to UV radiation. Aside from manual control via the push button on the system, the filter wheel position can be controlled externally using the following methods:

  • TracQ Basic- Oriel's Data Acquisition & Spectroscopy Software
  • Oriel's MonoUtility - software included with the Cornerstone™ series monochromators and MS260i spectrographs
  • Universal Filter Wheel Utility - LabVIEW™ based utility program included with the APEX2, allows for control of the filter wheel via USB 2.0.
  • 74009 and 77709 Hand Controllers for Oriel's Cornerstone series, MS260i, and MS257 monochromators and spectrographs
  • USB 2.0 - the included sample Command Set can be used as is or to develop a custom Command Set better suited to the user's needs

Manual Shutter

Igniting an arc lamp too frequently results in reduced lifetime. A manual shutter is integrated into the APEX2 to allow the user to close off the light path while the lamp is warming up, or during a short period when light output is not desired such as a change in setup.

Fully Integrated, Plug and Play System

Upon receiving the APEX2-XE, the unit is ready to use after a simple lamp drop-in installation of the lamp. The user does not have to spend time aligning the lamp or programming the power supply to output the proper voltage and current. Simply plug in the unit and it is ready for use.

Arc Lamp Safety

Arc lamps may emit dangerous levels of UV radiation depending on their source type. Ensure that only authorized personnel are in the vicinity of the source, and wearing the necessary safety equipment such as UV protective eyewear, clothing, and gloves. Lighted UV warning signs, posted outside laboratory doors where UV sources are operating, can prevent accidental exposure. Newport also recommends using an electronic shutter to block the beam when the source is not in use but remains turned on. Alternatively, the beam can be safely contained by using beam tubes or fiber optic cables to deliver the light to a sample. It is recommended to vent the ozone that is produced by some lamp models to the outside or use an Ozone Eater.