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Protective Gloves, Size 10, Quantity 3
49121 Protective Gloves, Size 10, Quantity 3 $53
Protective Gloves, Size 8, Quantity 3
49123 Protective Gloves, Size 8, Quantity 3 $53
Safety Spectacles, UV
49125 Safety Spectacles, UV $53
UV Safety Goggles
49126 UV Safety Goggles $60
Protective Face shield, UV
49132 Protective Face shield, UV $132


Comfortable and Lightweight Eye Protection

The 49125 UV Safety Spectacles and 49126 UV Safety Goggles are made from a hard, durable non-UV transmissive plastic with close fitting side shields to shield eyes from UV radiation, without compromising comfort.

UV Protective Face shield for High Intensity Lamps

1000 W and 1600 W light sources emit extremely high levels of UV radiation. Goggles alone do not provide sufficient UV protection. It is strongly recommended that all personnel operating these high intensity UV sources wear a UV protective face shield, in addition to gloves and clothing, so that there are no exposed areas of the body. Take particular care of the neck and wrists, as these are parts that are often inadvertently exposed. The 49125 UV Protective Face shield absorbs UV radiation from 200 to 405 nm. The shield is 8 x 14 inches (203 x 356 mm), and 0.080 inches (2mm) thick.

Rugged but Flexible Protective Gloves

Hands working with fixtures in the beam are particularly prone to UV exposure. Even minimal exposure may cause burning of the skin. These protective gloves protect the hands yet maintain the flexibility necessary for manipulation of small components. The gloves are made from black neoprene with a soft cotton flock lining, which absorbs perspiration for easy on and off. Two sizes are available: U.S. 8 and 10 (medium and large).