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Laser Diode Driver, Low Cost, 200mA, 6V, 100 VAC
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5 Weeks
Laser Diode Driver, Low Cost, 200mA, 6V, 120 VAC
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Laser Diode Driver, Low Cost, 200mA, 6V, 220 VAC
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4 Weeks
Laser Diode Driver, Low Cost, 200mA, 6V, 240 VAC


  • Laser Current
    0 to 200 mA
  • Laser Compliance Voltage
    6 V
  • Temperature Coefficient
    <100 ppm FS/°C
  • Computer Interfaces
  • Laser Current Accuracy
    ±0.2 mA
  • Noise/Ripple (rms)
    2 µA
  • Current Output 1 h Stability
    <50 ppm
  • Photodiode Current Range
    20-2000 µA
  • Photodiode Reverse Bias
    0-5 V
  • Connector Type
  • Display Type
    3.5 digit Green LED


Versatile Operation Modes

The LDX-3412 features three operation/display modes: Constant Current, which delivers a stable precision current up to 200 mA at up to 6V to the laser diode, Constant Power, which uses a photodiode feedback signal to control the current output, ensuring a constant light level, despite varying junction, and Limit Display, which conveniently displays the current limit set point level.

Connect to Any Laser or LED Package

The output terminals of the LDX-3412 are fully floating, allowing either side to be grounded if necessary. For constant power operation, an instrumentation amplifier is used at the 3412’s input from the external monitor photodiode. This allows connection to any laser/LED package pin configuration.

Setting the Standard in Laser Diode Protection

Laser diodes are extremely sensitive to electro-static discharge, excessive current levels, current spikes, or transients from power surges or other laboratory equipment. One of the most important features we have implemented into each instrument is the ILX Lightwave proven laser diode protection standards. These standards have led to advanced protection features such as a double-shielded transformer to reduce AC line noise, and incorporating our voltage source/constant current output stage design  to maintain a constant output current. During power up, the laser is protected from over current and turn-on transient conditions by a slow start routine designed to ramp the current to the desired set point referred to as slow-start. The LDX-3412 also employs our proven current limit circuit, which ensures current adjustment without over-driving. This allows the current limit to be safely set, even while the unit is actively driving a laser at a lower current level, because it is independent of the main current control. For more information about these protection features, please see our Protecting Your Laser Diode application note.

Low Noise and High Stability

The LDX-3412 output broadband noise is less than 0.01% rms, and temperature coefficient stability is better than 100 ppm/°C. Under typical laboratory conditions, output current drift is less than 50 ppm over a 30-minute period, in constant current mode.