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Ultima™ Mirror Mounts with Replaceable Actuators

Ultima mirror mounts designs allow actuators to be removed and installed with ease (excludes U50 and U100-S). This video shows how to install an AJS100-0.5K adjustment screw into a …

Technical Notes

PZA12 Compatibility with Manual Positioners

Newport's PZA Ultra-High Resolution Actuator provides 12.5 mm travel with 50 N load capacity.

Technical Notes

Motorized Actuator Compatibility with Manual Mirror Mounts

This note details the compatibility of Newport motorized actuators with our manually adjusted mirror mounts.

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Optical Mirror Mount Guide

We offer the widest range of off the shelf Mirror Mounts from low cost entry level to the highest performing, most stable mounts available anywhere. Use the selection guide below to …

Technical Notes

TRA and TRB Series Compatibility with Manual Positioners and Mounts

Newport's TRA & TRB series miniature motorized linear actuator are offered in 6 mm, 12 mm and 25 mm travel versions with 60 N or 90 N load capacity.

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Thin-Optic Kinematic Mount Guide

Some optical components are too thin for typical mounts to easily hold and position. Thus, Newport offers standard mounts and accessories that are specifically designed to provide precision …

Technical Notes

Motorized Linear Actuator Compatibility Guide

Many Newport manual positioning products can be motorized by using Newport motorized precision actuators. Once the manual positioner is chosen for an application, use the tables below …

Technical Notes

Estimating Angular Motion with Respect to Actuator Translation

A method to estimate angular motion of a tilt or rotation stage with respect to the linear translation of the actuator.


Delay Line Stages User Manual

The DL linear stages Series is a high performance but very affordable, linear motor driven with an integrated motion controller. This manual provides operating instructions for the …


Custom Component Solutions Brochure

Newport is your source for modified and custom components like optical mounts, optical components, manual positioning and application specific solutions for UHV, DUV & EUV.

Selection Guides

Spirit Component Selection Guide

It is critical to choose the right optics and optomechanical components that work best with your Spirit laser. Spirit’s high IR and green average output power, and in particular the …

Application Notes

Theory of Lloyd’s Mirror Interferometer

There are two principal methods for producing coherent sources for interferometry. One uses the division of wavefront, as in the Young’s double slit experiment. The second divides the …


Electronic Autocollimator for Metrology and Industrial Applications

The CONEX-LDS is a versatile electronic autocollimator traditionally used in non-contact alignment or measurement of angular variations.

Application Notes

Dispersion Compensation Using Chirped Mirrors

A variety of optical configurations have been used in the past for the compensation of pulse dispersion. These configurations provide negative GDD necessary to compensate the positive …