Thin-Optic Optical Mounts Selection Guide


Some optical components are too thin for typical kinematic mounts to easily hold and position. Thus, Newport offers standard mounts and accessories that are specifically designed to provide precision pitch/yaw adjustment for thin lenses and other optics.

Threaded Retainer Ring and Spacer

A threaded retainer ring is included with Newport's thin-optics mounts to hold the optical component in place. Additionally, a protective Delrin spacer is provided to prevent scratching the optic's coating or surface as it is secured.


Rear-Loading for Consistent Location of Optic Surface

Optical components are loaded from the rear of our thin-optics mounts. That way, the front surface of the optic will be in the same mounting location regardless of its thickness. In contrast, a front-loading mount could locate a thin optic recessed within the mount, thereby limiting its reflective clear aperture.


Locking Allen-Key Adjusters

Newport's thin-optics mounts include locking Allen-Key adjustments to prevent unintended adjustment and to save space. This is especially useful for OEM applications which desire a "set and forget" capability.

UPATO (left) and lens spacer (right) with U100-A mounts

Adapters for Standard Mounts

Specialty adapters that enable standard Newport optical mounts to securely hold thin-optics are also available. The UPATO adapter is specifically designed to house thin 1-in (25.4-mm) diameter optics for insertion into U100-A clear-edge mounts. Another method of allowing standard 1-in mirror mounts to hold thin-optics is by placing a lens spacer in the aperture, held in place by the mount's setscrew, to secure the optic in place. LT10-SP4-PK is a 6-pack of 1-in (25.4-mm) diameter, 4-mm thick aluminum spacers.



Newport also provides accessories to aid in the handling of thin optics. Our vacuum pick-up tool is equipped with special blue silicone suction cups which will not mark or leave residue on optics when used to pick and place optical components. Also available are spanner wrenches to easily and safely install and remove retaining rings from mirror mounts, lens tubes, or lens mounts with threaded aperture.

Thin-Optic Optical Mounts

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Thin-Optic Mount Accessories

Custom Capabilities

If our standard thin-optics mounts do not quite meet the requirements for your application, Newport has the capability to provide custom thin-optics mounts with features such as low wavefront distortion, front-loading and holding other diameter sizes – please contact us for more information.