Wide Range of Modules

Four current source modules and five combination modules along with two TE controller only modules make the LDC-3900 configurable for many laser diode testing and control applications. Each module is electrically floating or fully isolated from all other modules. This allows you to configure your laser diode test system without the worry of potential laser diode damaging ground loops. An independent power supply powers each channel, providing protection and stability for your laser diode. Every module incorporates low noise, high stability performance, and ILX Lightwave’s unmatched laser diode protection topologies including independent current limits and laser diode shorting relays.

Current Source Modules

The LDC-3900 current source design offers superior laser protection and low noise, high stability performance. These modules also features a photo-diode measurement circuit for devices with back facet monitor photodiode and analog modulation up to 500kHz for dithering the laser current for wavelength tuning. Five different current source modules up to 4A can be driven in any one of the following modes:

  • Constant current, low bandwidth
  • Constant current, high bandwidth
  • Constant optical power

Highly Stable Temperature Control

The LDC-3900 Series TEC modules control temperature of your devices with 32W of power. These TEC modules offer maximum flexibility with a choice of operating modes and temperature sensors covering thermistors, IC, and RTDs. A low noise, bipolar output with TE voltage measurement and an ultra-stable topology achieves stabilities better than 0.005°C. A smart integrator control loop, programmable from the front panel or through GPIB, delivers fast settling times.

Controller Modules

Controller modules combine a current source with a temperature controller in one module. Laser current from 200mA to 2A is available with an integrated 12W temperature controller for current and temperature control of laser diodes. All of the features found in the current only and temperature control modules are incorporated into these flexible modules and include multiple modes of operation, external modulation, a choice of temperature sensors, and all protection features.

Intuitive Front Panel

Divided into two sections, TEC and LASER, the front panel offers quick, easy operation and information display without confusing multi-layer menus. Each channel is directly addressable from the front panel "adjust" section and indicated through discrete LEDs next to the respective display. Laser and TEC parameters and modes are easily selected or adjusted through discrete push buttons.

Powerful GPIB Interface

For automated control, the IEEE/GPIB interface allows programming and readout from most computers. All instrument and module functions are accessible through the interface allowing you to simultaneously control multiple laser diodes from the same address. For virtual instrument programming, LabVIEW™ drivers are available.