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Temperature Controller, Thermoelectric, ±4A, ±4V, 16W, Low Power
6 Weeks
6 Weeks


  • TE Current Range
    -4.0 to +4.0 A
  • TE Voltage Range
    -4 to +4 V
  • TE Output Power
    16 W
  • Thermistor Control Range
    0 - 199.9 kΩ
  • Connector Type
  • Computer Interfaces
  • Display Type
    4 digit green LED


Maintain Laser Diode Threshold Current and Wavelength

The above figure figure shows that the threshold current and differential responsivity of a laser diode are strongly affected by the laser’s temperature. The laser threshold will increase exponentially with temperature as exp(T/T0), where T is the laser temperature and T0 is the “characteristic temperature” of the laser (typically between 60 to 150°C). T0 is a measure of the temperature sensitivity of the device with higher values implying that the device is more thermally stable. T0 is an important laser diode characteristic and is commonly extracted from multiple L-I curves. Changes in temperature also affect the bandgap of the semiconductor junction and therefore, the peak wavelength of the gain profile. This results in a linear relationship between temperature and the center wavelength of the laser diode (see above figure) with typical temperature tuning coefficients of 0.3 nm/°C. As a result, a temperature controller plays a key role in determining the laser wavelength. Please see Fundamentals of Laser Diode Control for additional information.