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fiber pigtailed laser diode
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1310 nm ±3 nm 2 mW
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fiber pigtailed laser diode
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1550 nm ±3 nm 2 mW
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DFB Single Frequency Laser Diodes

We offer single frequency 1310, 1550, 1625 and 1650 nm DFB laser diode assemblies for those applications requiring narrow line width laser sources. The DFB devices are of a multi-quantum well structure with an internal grown Bragg Grating resonator. The index of refraction change in the periodically grown Bragg Grating resonator/ reflector causes reflections to occur within the laser cavity which promoted only one single longitudinal mode of light to be generated.  The DFB lasers will therefore have one primary longitudinal mode and the secondary modes will typically be 40 dB down from the primary mode. The feedback provided by the internal resonator creates a primary mode whose spectral line width < 0.1 nm FWHM. DFB lasers have a lower wavelength-temperature coefficient than FP lasers and so wavelength shift with temperature is typically about 0.1 nm/°C, so minimal temperature tuning is possible. The assemblies include an internal monitor photodiode to allow them to be operated in automatic power control, APC, mode or the laser may be operated in constant current mode. 

Integrated Optical Isolator

Our DFB laser diode assemblies feature an integral optical isolator. The addition of these isolators provides protection against back reflections and ensures a minimum optical isolation of 30 dB at the specified center wavelength over the entire operating temperature range.

Connectorized Single-mode Output

The DFB laser assemblies are based on a robust laser welded package that is compatible with 710 Temperature Controlled TO-CAN Laser Diode Mount and ensures stable mechanical coupling to the 9 um core fiber over a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 85 °C. All fiber pigtails are terminated with FC/PC fiber optic connectors.


Applications include high-speed data and telecommunications systems and instrumentation, and optical instruments requiring a laser diode light source.


Warranty is only applicable to unopened packages with original seal unbroken. The fiber pigtailed laser diodes are backed by 30 day return-for-credit with the laser diode returned in the original sealed bag with no sign of physical damage.

Caution on Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Each individual laser diode is tested and characterized, and guaranteed to operate, prior to shipment, by the renowned laser diode manufactures. The bare laser diodes are highly sensitive to ESD and it can happen from mundane activities such as connecting electrical cables. A grounding wrist strap, such as the FK-STRAP, is recommended when handling the laser diode.

Laser Radiation Warning

Radiation emitted by laser devices can be dangerous to the eyes and appropriate precautions must be taken in use. (Ref. BS EN 60825, HD 482 S1 & IEC 825) VISIBLE LASER RADIATION)