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temperature controlled 3 or 4 pin to-can mount model 710
Laser Diode Mount, 3 & 4-pin TO-Can, Temp Controlled (RoHS and / or CE Pending)
5 Weeks
5 Weeks
Lens adapter, 5 mm, For LP-05A-XYZ mounted on Model 710
5 Weeks
5 Weeks
Lens adapter, 9 mm, For LP-05A-XYZ mounted on Model 710
5 Weeks
5 Weeks


Collimating Laser Beam

Collimation of the divergent output of a free-space laser diode is accomplished via the accessories available for these laser diode mounts. In addition, fiber pigtailed diode lasers are accommodated on this same platform. For collimating divergent output beams, a precision lens alignment mechanism and multiple-element collimating optics are available as accessories. 

Mount with optional collimation lens assembly

Standard Laser Diode Control Connectors

These mounts have standard connectors to work with Newport laser diode instrumentation.

700 Series TO Can Mounts

The 700 Series TO-can Temperature Controlled Laser Diode Mounts provide a versatile mounting solution for the most demanding laser diode control in the laboratory. Direct access to the laser TO-can window is available by an easily removable retaining plate, for both the TO-9 and TO-56 can type.

Optimum TO-Can Case Temperature Control

Optimum temperature control is achieved via two built-in 12.5 W Peltier thermoelectric coolers (TEC). To increase system flexibility, the mount incorporates a nitrogen purge fitting, a BNC connector and solder post for modulation, and two temperature sensors (thermistor and AD592CN). 

Optical Post Mounting

The 710 laser diode mount can be used with a post and post holder to secure to an optical table or optical breadboard. The mount supports 8-32 and M4 type threaded screws for attachment.