Selection Guide:
Lens Mount Selection Guide

Optical Lens Mounts are used to securely locate a lens in an optical assembly or during optics research. There are versions for standard size lenses or objectives, and variable sized versions that accommodate a range of lens diameters. They are available for fixed position applications or with precision multi-axis adjustments.

Lens Mounts for Standard Diameter Lenses

If you need a lens mount for a standard diameter lens select a lens size below. We also offer variable size lens mounts for non-standard or multiple size lenses.

Specialty Lens Mounts

The following lens mounts are offered for cylindrical lenses, camera lenses, and for creating optical assemblies.

Multi-Axis Lens Positioners

These lens mounts allow for precision multi-axis positioning of lenses.

Variable Size Lens Mounts

These lens mounts can be adjusted for use with different size lenses or to mount a non-standard size lens.