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Lens Mount, Self-Centering, 0.125-1.063 in. Diameter Lenses
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Lens Mount, Self-Centering, 0.125-2.375 in. Diameter Lenses
Lens Mount, Self-Centering, 3.2-27 mm Diameter
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Lens Mount, Self-Centering, 3.2-60.3 mm Diameter Lenses
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Automatically Self Centering

The self aligning movement of the of LCM series mounts keeps lenses on a common optical axis regardless of diameter.

Optical Post Mounting

LCM Series Mounts can mount on SP Series Posts for easy adjustment of vertical height and azimuth angle. Alternatively, pedestal posts provide a selection of convenient, fixed optical axis heights and direct tie-down to tables and breadboards.

Fast Optic Mounting

A conveniently positioned actuator lever rotates a spring-loaded inner ring, which pivots the three optic support rods radially to provide fast optic mounting with automatic centration.

Non-marring Delrin Mounting Rods

The optic is held by three non-marring Delrin rods that have modified V-groove tips to grip the edges of thin lenses and flat shoulders for registration of thicker optics.