Fluorescence Optical Filter Guide

Our HPF™ series of filters for fluorescence detection is a compilation of product designs of filters that was developed to be used with many of the most popular standard fluorophores and some of the most promising new fluorophores. Since their introduction, these product designs have served as the starting point for custom designed filters for market leading instruments including DNA Sequencers, Cytometers, Microplate Readers, In vivo Imagers, and Thermocyclers. We are now making these OEM proven designs available to the individual researcher through our catalog offering of High Performance Filter sets for fluorescence microscopy. HPF™ filters are manufactured using Newport's patented Stabilife® coating technology which provides excellent spectral performance, spectral stability, and physical durability.

High Performance Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy

HPF™ filter sets for fluorescence microscopy have been manufactured to provide maximum performance using several key design features including exceptionally high passband transmission, maximized out-of-band blocking including extended range blocking on excitation filters, extremely steep slopes from rejection to transmission regions, high-precision optical glass substrates, and spectral specifications providing maximum image brightness and minimum background.

HPF™ Fluorescence Filter Sets - Fluorophore Reference

Recommended HPF™ Fluorescence Filter Sets are listed below for each fluorophore. Spectral performance of each filter set can be viewed by clicking on the fluorescence filter set model number. All individual excitation, dichroic, and emission filters included in our filter set offering can be purchased separately.

Fluorophore FilterSet Excitation Filter Dichroic Filter Emission Filter
5-FAM HPF1245 HPX475-44 HPD505 HPM535-50
5-ROX HPF1340 HPX560-50 HPD590 HPM640-60
5-TAMRA HPF1335 HPX525-45 HPD560 HPM620-75
6-HEX HPF1295 HPX520-40 HPD550 HPM590-55
6-JOE HPF1230 HPX500-20 HPD515 HPM530-LP
6-TET HPF1280 HPX500-40 HPD530 HPM575-50
Alexa Fluor 350 HPF1205 HPX360-60 HPD400 HPM460-60
Alexa Fluor 430 HPF1255 HPX425-40 HPD490 HPM540-40
Alexa Fluor 488 HPF1245 HPX475-44 HPD505 HPM535-50
Alexa Fluor 532 HPF1275 HPX500-40 HPD530 HPM560-50
Alexa Fluor 546 HPF1300 HPX525-45 HPD560 HPM600-60
Alexa Fluor 555 HPF1300 HPX525-45 HPD560 HPM600-60
Alexa Fluor 568 HPF1345 HPX560-40 HPD595 HPM640-60
Alexa Fluor 594 HPF1345 HPX560-40 HPD595 HPM640-60
Alexa Fluor 633 HPF1385 HPX610-60 HPD645 HHPM685-50
Alexa Fluor 647 HPF1400 HPX620-50 HPD660 HPM700-60
Alexa Fluor 660 HPF1410 HPX630-60 HPD680 HPM720-60
Alexa Fluor 680 HPF1415 HPX660-40 HPD695 HPM725-40
Alexa Fluor 700 HPF1420 HPX660-40 HPD695 HPM740-50
Alexa Fluor 750 HPF1430 HPX710-50 HPD760 HPM810-80
AMCA HPF1205 HPX360-60 HPD400 HPM460-60
BODIPY 630/650 HPF1380 HPX605-40 HPD635 HPM670-50
BODIPY 650/665 HPF1395 HPX630-40 HPD660 HPM695-50
BODIPY FL HPF1250 HPX560-50 HPD590 HPM535-50
BODIPY R6G HPF1285 HPX510-40 HPD540 HPM575-50
BODIPY TMR HPF1305 HPX530-40 HPD560 HPM600-60
BODIPY TR HPF1355 HPX570-40 HPD610 HPM645-50
Calcium Crimson HPF1365 HPX570-40 HPD595 HPM645-60
CFP HPF1220 HPX440-20 HPD455 HPM480-40
Cy3.5™ HPF1325 HPX565-30 HPD580 HPM620-60
Cy3™ HPF1310 HPX535-40 HPD565 HPM610-50
Cy5.5™ HPF1405 HPX645-40 HPD675 HPM710-50
Cy5™ HPF1390 HPX620-50 HPD655 HPM690-50
Cy7™ HPF1425 HPX710-50 HPD755 HPM800-70
DAPI HPF1205 HPX360-60 HPD400 HPM460-60
Dil(rs) HPF1315 HPX535-50 HPD565 HPM620-60
DiO HPF1250 HPX480-40 HPD505 HPM535-50
DsRed HPF1320 HPX545-30 HPD570 HPM620-60
Eosin HPF1270 HPX500-40 HPD525 HPM560-50
Ethidium Bromide HPF1350 HPX525-45 HPD565 HPM640-70
FITC HPF1250 HPX480-40 HPD505 HPM535-50
Fluo 3 HPF1250 HPX480-40 HPD505 HPM535-50
Fluo 4 HPF1250 HPX480-40 HPD505 HPM535-50
GFP HPF1240 HPX470-40 HPD495 HPM535-50
GFP(rs) HPF1250 HPX480-40 HPD505 HPM535-50
GFP(wt) HPF1225 HPX450-50 HPD480 HPM510-50
Hoechst 33342 & 33258 HPF1200 HPX350-60 HPD400 HPM460-60
LysoSensor™ Blue (pH 5) HPF1210 HPX380-40 HPD410 HPM460-60
MitoTracker Orange HPF1335 HPX525-45 HPD560 HPM620-75
MitoTracker Red HPF1340 HPX560-50 HPD590 HPM640-60
Nile Red HPF1360 HPX525-45 HPD565 HPM645-60
Oregon Green™ HPF1260 HPX485-30 HPD515 HPM545-30
Pacific Blue™ HPF1215 HPX400-30 HPD440 HPM470-30
PE (B,R) HPF1290 HPX525-45 HPD560 HPM585-40
Propidium Iodide HPF1370 HPX525-45 HPD565 HPM645-75
Resorufin HPF1375 HPX560-50 HPD595 HPM645-75
Rhodamine HPF1330 HPX570-20 HPD585 HPM620-60
Rhodamine Green HPF1235 HPX500-20 HPD515 HPM535-30
Texas Red HPF1375 HPX525-45 HPD590 HPM645-75
TRITC HPF1300 HPX525-45 HPD560 HPM600-60
YFP HPF1265 HPX500-20 HPD525 HPM550-40
YGFP HPF1235 HPX500-20 HPD515 HPM535-30