Fluorescence Optical Filter Guide

For over 35 years, Newport’s Corion® Filters has designed and built superior optical filter products. The patented Stabilife® technology process delivers filters with extremely high transmission, steep transitions from blocking to transmission, and superior image quality combined with stable performance under changing environmental conditions. We have tremendous manufacturing flexibility, processing orders from quantities as large as one million and as small as one, and in each case we maintain one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

During the past decade, Newport has provided unsurpassed fluorescence filter solutions for OEM applications in the areas of Cytometry, DNA Sequencing, In-vivo Imaging and other fluorescence based instrumentation. Serving the OEM community in such a wide range of applications has helped us build a tremendous foundation of fluorescence knowledge, supporting our development of new and exciting products for the research community. Our extensive experience also allows us to create custom solutions, so if you have any questions, need guidance or would like to develop a strategic partnership, give Newport a call.